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Most YouTubers watch way too much YouTube. Now I have my own channel I still watch too much YouTube, and always have done for as long as I can remember.

Many a night in the past I’ve said to myself just one more video only to end up staying up 2 or 3 hours and being late for work the next day. The sidebar suggestions used to be my favourite, clicking randomly and going on an adventure of weird and wonderful videos.

I’ve always watched a lot of Thailand related videos, and here is a selection of 10 videos that you probably haven’t seen before.


This video was taken in Phuket. The girl on the right is an amazing dancer and I remember watching this video while living in the UK thinking I’ve got to get back to Thailand. When I went to Phuket for the first time I was expecting many bars with similar dancers around, but never saw anything close to as good as this.


I don’t know what camera setup this guy had but this Pattaya video still holds up today. Must have been a steadicam used in conjunction with a very expensive camera.


Backpackers are a pain in the ass sometimes, but this video gives a nice glimpse into their world.




This wedding video was nicely done. I can’t stop thinking that it might not last due the groom’s goofy smile throughout. Hope they are still going strong.



Probably Scott Mallon’s best video, before he started swearing and being abusive to get more views. I can’t watch him for more than 30 seconds now without switching over mostly due to his attitude towards Thai women. Fun fact: He lives just around the corner from me in Bangkok and I go to the same Starbucks as he does 🙂



Still the best Thai teaching VLOG video on YouTube IMO. This guy is annoying as hell but you really get a sense of his day while watching this. Also, it was filmed in 2012 which was a long time before VLOGs become popular on YouTube.


My Favourite Thai Song of all time. The only bad thing is the annoying voiceovers and acting to stop the songs being pirated.




A nice different style of edit of a Songkran video from a few years back. I love the shot of the guy drinking beer and walking while simultaneously being drenched by the high pressure water cannons. Also, keep watching for some sexy bath-style action.



A chaotic brawl on Khaosan road complete with the police getting their guns out. It’s insane, you really get a sense of the wild west in this video. Filmed 9 years ago.


Chiang Mai Canadian boxer. This video is great comedy with the fat guy doing his best to put up a good fight. Hard to watch this without smiling.


Bonus video:

A random korean sexy video from a few years ago.



Thank you for viewing this website. If you know of any Thailand related videos that you think are really good (and not so well known) leave a comment in the description with a link. Sometimes the YouTube search function can let you down, I had to dig into my old likes to find some of these videos because the YouTube search ranking system doesn’t find them.

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  1. Robert

    The really good video from a few years ago was amazing when I first saw it, and I believe he says the name of the camera used more than once in comments if I remember.

    K pop girls are the bomb…. my favorite kpop group is Sistar Sistar or Girl Generation.

  2. Mike

    Hi there, nice videos man. About the dancer in Phuket, I guess she was high on something, and that something was probably “yabaa” or meth. It is common for the girls to take it. Once in a while in the GoGo’s, you see some very more energic girl, and there reason behind it is what I wrote. That being said, I cannot be sure 100%.

  3. sunderland stephen

    What makes you stand out is the fact that you rely on your vlogs content and not your personality , am sure you’ve got one but not the ego to go with it . Not saying the lads that stand in front of the camera are ALl ego maniacs , some do decent vlogs . You’ve got confidence in your material. Content over style wins every time

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Cheers Stephen, it’s always nice to read positive comments 🙂 I’ve been putting a lot more time into the videos this year, and that is probably the reason for the uptick in viewers and subscribers. I’m looking forward to visiting some new, fresh locations to include in the upcoming videos 🙂 Thanks for watching mate.

  4. sunderland stephen

    Just watched all 10 , good variation of videos . First time I’ve seen Scott Mallon not ranting , like you I cant watch him for more than a short while . Get the feeling your favourite Thai song has more to do with the girl In the video than the music . Amazing clarity of video in the second one .

  5. Bryce

    That first video, wow. That was some of the sexiest dancing I’ve ever seen. The way they were slowly whipping around and their hair, I don’t know but dam I wish that vid was a lot longer. I thought it was one girl dancing by a mirror at first, was driving me crazy till I figured it out lol. Thanks for this and your youtube channel man!

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