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‘Every man should try a soapy massage once in his life’ (unknown)


A lot of guys have regular massages in Pattaya and are curious about the ‘soapy massages,‘ but are unsure about trying one out for the first time. This is a guide to Pattaya’s 5 Best Soapy Massages.


Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 15.56.09_2

Typical soapy massage lineup that you will be greeted with in the lobby.


First of all, lets get out of the way what happens in a Soapy Massage?

  • You enter the Soapy Massage parlour free of charge.
  • Are escorted by a helper to the viewing area where all the ladies are on show.
  • Choose a lady by her number, pay the full amount in advance at the cashier, and possibly tip the papasan (helper)
  • Head to the private massage room, the lady will have towels, oils and condoms.
  • You get naked and your lady will bath / shower you and make sure you are clean (paying special attention to your nether regions)
  • Next up you lie on an air mattress for a soapy body to body massage where your masseuse will slip and slide her naked body all over you. For many this is the best part and it’s hard to describe what it feels like accurately – basically it’s just heaven! (this is why they are called soapy massages)
  • After the soapy sliding part finishes your lady will wash you again in the bath / shower and towel dry you.
  • Next up is hitting the sheets for a short 10 minute massage that transitions into handjob, blowjob and full sex (depending on your preference).
  • Lastly after you blow your load your lady will bath / shower and towel dry you, before you change and head back to the lobby area.
  • The whole experience lasts around 90 minutes in total.


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 16.08.19_2

Locations: You can see that 3 of these places are very close together, Rasputin is nearer Soi 6, and PP Massage is off Soi Buakhao





(Shaky spycam video – this and the following 4 videos were shot a couple of years ago and not by Bangkok112)


Sabai Dee

Located Next to Soi 2 and the highly recommended Siam @ Siam hotel.

Sabai Dee is probably the most famous and popular of all these massage places.

Prices: around 2000/2500/3000 baht in the fishbowl

Overall: Sabai Dee has long been the go-to soapy in Pattaya. It’s still a great place, but recently some of the ‘helpers’ can be over-enthusiastic to get their tips. It’s still a solid choice though and definitely worth a look.




Honey 2 (previously Sabailand that closed in April 2012)

Location is on Second Road next door to Siam @ Siam hotel and adjacent to Soi 3.

Prices: around 2000/2500 baht fishbowl

Some more expensive ‘models’ are 3000+ baht.

Overall: Another good, solid soapy massage place, worth a look if nothing takes your fancy in the nearby soapies.




Sabai Room

Located on Second Road directly opposite Red Planet Hotel.

Prices: around 2000/2500/3000+ baht

They have Yogurt and Ice massage available here, as well as the usual soapy experience. Recently renovated and upgraded.

Overall: Sabai Room is very good choice if you are after your first ever soapy massage. It’s the oldest Soapy Massage in Pattaya (I’ve seen a 1987 pic of this place), so they must be doing something right! If you try the yogurt massage make sure to write a comment below on how it went! 🙂


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 13.51.48_2

Nice rooms at Sabai Room, you can just see the air mattress on the right.





Located between Soi 5 and 6 on Second Road, close to Pattaya Blue Sky Hotel Walk down the alley to the complex.

Prices: 2000/2500/3000 baht in the fishbowl.

Models are around 4-6000 baht depending on the girl

NB: There are no air mattresses at Rasputin, and they do the slip and slide thing and playing around with your thing right in the bathtub here.

Overall: There can be around 100 ladies on offer in the early evening at Rasputin, so it’s a clear winner for choice on this list. It’s definitely THE PLACE to go if you have deep pockets and prefer the younger, more attractive ladies. This place is popular with Japanese and Korean clientele. There were some reports of Russian ladies working there too but I haven’t seen any on my recent visits.


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 13.48.03_2

You can take 2 at any of the soapy massage places in Pattaya 😉




PP Body Massage

Located opposite the Adelphi hotel just off Soi Buakhao.

Prices: 2000/2500 for red/blue carpet (fishbowl), and occasionally some ladies that are 3000+ baht

Overall: PP Massage is popular with Chinese and Indian coach tours at the moment (August 2016), so the standard of ladies is usually pretty average. But, there are diamonds in the rough and it’s still worth a look if you are in the Soi Buakhao area and need to get your soapy fix.


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 13.47.00_2

PP Massage bath and air mattress.


Categories of Ladies:

Fishbowl: around 2000/2500 baht, regular masseurs who are employed directly with the parlour.

Sideliners: around 2500+ baht, these are ladies who might work regular jobs / are students / or just work part time to supplement their income. They are kind of like freelancers so are not guaranteed to be working every day and are usually prettier than the fishbowl ladies.

Models: around 3000+ baht, usually younger, thinner, and more attractive than fishbowl and sideliner ladies.

Each category of lady will be either sitting in different sections, or have identifiable colours or badges to clearly tell them apart.


Recommended Hotels close by:

4 Pattaya hotels are a mere stones throw away from these soapy massage places and all made the Bangkok112 recommended hotels list.

These are:

Siam @ Siam (4-star, best infinity pools, rooms around 3000 baht)

Blue Sky Pattaya (3-star, hotel near the beach, rooms from around 1400 baht)

The Adelphi (4-star, great value, rooms from around 1200 baht)

Red Planet (3-star, clean budget hotel, rooms from around 900 baht)



General Soapy Massage Tips:

If you are nervous (quite natural for a first time) then have a beer or 2 in a nearby bar before entering. Then relax and maybe have another in the lobby where you chose your victim masseuse.

When choosing a lady it’s generally better to go for a friendly, smiling masseuse who is trying to get your attention as opposed to one that is sitting there looking completely bored.

If you are looking for something specific (eg. big boobs, dynamite in the sack) then inform the papasan and they will more than happy to point you to a lady that meets your criteria.

Most of the ladies do blowjobs only with a condom now, if you really want a bareback blowjob then a good inside tip is to discreetly lean over out of earshot of the papasan and ask your potential lady directly.

If you want to take more than one lady you can, you have to pay each lady her price.


Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 16.09.11_2

PP Massage girls, if you have money to burn then you can arrange as many ladies as you want at Pattaya soapies.


At some places you can have a drink with your chosen masseuse before to vet her, get to know her a little and even back out of the deal if you don’t fancy taking her.

Prices quoted are always non-negotiable and fixed in advance, so don’t bother trying to negotiate.

You must pay the full amount before you do the deed, probably due to people before not paying up at the end 🙂

Condoms must be worn. If you really want full sex bareback then the odd lady will probably comply but you are rolling the dice big time and I strongly advise against this.

At some places you have to tip the papasan / helper 100-200 baht, this is standard and there is no way of getting around it. It is what it is.

Tell your lady what you want specifically for the final part; handjob, blowjob, and full sex are all on offer in any order you choose. If you don’t specify then the lady will do her usual routine on you (not a bad thing really).

You only get one shot normally, if you blow your load too early in the showering or soapy massage parts then it can be game over. So it’s best not to go in there with a loaded gun.

Time of visit: The best time to visit for all these Pattaya Soapy Massages is usually 6-9pm, as that is the peak time for the most ladies being available. It is normally more discreet and quieter in the early afternoon but there aren’t as many ladies to choose from.

If there are no ladies you like, then you are not obliged to take one. Be polite, and leave promptly.

IMPORTANT: Don’t take photos without asking. For example Rasputin has ‘no photo’ signs everywhere and a 10k baht fine if you are caught sneakily snapping shots.


Final Thoughts

Lastly, try not to overthink your soapy massage experience, just enjoy it and go with the flow. I know some people who are addicted to these soapy massages as the feeling of being washed, rubbed down, massaged, tugged off, sucked off, then having full sex in as many positions you can think of can be mind blowing if you get it right. Enjoy! 🙂




Comments 74

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Yes, the sex is included in the massage price. This is one reason why it can be a good deal at the soapies as you don’t need to pay for drinks / barfine / potential joiner fee / short time hotel etc… I should add that the cheaper ladies are usually less attractive, older and more overweight than the more expensive masseurs. Thanks for your comment Attila.

    2. John Doe

      In feb. 2017, the price are always de same P.P. Body. I visite yesterday arond 6:00 pm and they have more or less 50 averages girls. Different style. The room was really clean an quiet with tv on wall. If i remember, the price for a Chang is 120 b. Good service overall. But girls are not thai. I take a really nice cambogian girl. You can smoke in the room but not in the fishbowl aera.

      They start with shower you, then soapy massage on airbed, shower again, boom boom with preservative, little shower again and she finish with a massage (not oil). Lot of indian boy little agressive and i think the girls don’t like this kind of customer (no drink, little rude…). If you are white and nice look, you can have a good session. I leave 300 b. for the girl because she was nice with me.

  1. Citizen smith

    I’ve always found it quite intimidating going for a soapy, even after coming to Thailand 2-3 times a year for the last 15 years, and having no problem with the bar scene, gogo bars and more then my fair share of fun in soi 6, getting sucked off in full view of other punters!
    But a soapy, I’ve always found more like slavery! At least bar girls, and gogo dancers seem to have a choice as to who they end up naked in a room with!
    Still it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the odd soapy here and there!
    My one bit of advice I would give guys thinking of have a soapy experience, is if you wear glasses when watching TV, take them along to the soapy and put them on before making your choice! A couple of time I’ve chosen, and when I’ve taken the lady up to the room, and taken a good look at her in the room close up, they were far older than I thought they were! 😳😱😂 still, I still had a good time! Plus it’s true the best part really is the massage itself!
    So those of you, who are thinking of giving one a go! Jump straight in there! 😜

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      I find it the same, just entering and seeing the lineup feels naughty and a bit unnatural in a way that bars and gogos aren’t.
      Good advice about the glasses, from a distance ladies can definitely look better with makeup on but up close they can’t hide their true colours.
      The slip and slide massage part really is something, just writing this article made me crave another soapy experience!
      Thanks for your comment mate.

  2. clos

    Hello. After the Sopy massage is over, what if i don’t want to have sex with the woman, but i just want to touch, lick, & kiss her on the boobs, neck, arms, & legs. Will they allow me to do that?

    1. Post
  3. cadle

    All of the BJs were covered in the Pattaya soapies I went to (don’t know about BKK, might be different there).

    One lady even tried to make me think I was getting a bbbj by waving my cock in front of her head before putting it in her mouth, but turned out the condom was on her lips (out of my sight) and she rolled it on with her mouth. Would have preferred if she was just honest about not wanting to bbbj.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      They understand everything when it comes to condoms so it will be very easy to ask for a bbbj. Make sure you ask before you pick your lady as most of them only do covered now in the soapies.

  4. Kyle

    Great info man. What about bearded guy.. i have seen couple of videos and all i see guys with no beard..I’m planning to visit Thailand very soon and i got short thick beard but i feel like thai girls dont like guys with beard? and what about western girls can i get along with them if i found any.. do they also have an issue with the guy’s beard?

    1. bob

      I went there a decade ago and yes, they are really cute women, but they didn’t really have any soapy massages in the area I was in (Olongapo). I hear that they have some in Manila, but they are much less common than in Thailand.

  5. Ed

    I see you left Honey1 off the list! It’s on Saisong 11 just off second road. Is there any reason for this? I had a soapy there for the first time a few days back. Never been before, some dood told me I had to try it, as I prefer massage than bar girls.( All the bar girls I’ve tried so far have been shit in bed! I find the whole sleazy backstreet massage thing far more erotic. ) I went early in the day, about 11am, so there was only 3 girls to choose from which was a bummer. And the glasses thing somebody mentioned is essential. I forgot mine, and the girl I chose was as old as me on closer look. BUT…. she was bloody good fun, and I loved every minute of it. Highly recommend to anyone to at least try while you’re here 😉👍🏼

  6. kenny

    Sabai Room Body Massage. Save your money and go elsewhere. Bath and soapy nit okay. Massage, rubbish…..my cat could do better. One and a half hours? Hardly, unless the rate of time increases in there. Sexy? Hardly, all rushed to get the punter out. Save your money and go the 200 baht oily jobs all over the place, ten times.

  7. Speetaman Arjani

    What about Bangkok Soapy Massage Parlours? You do not have a post or anything on that.
    Please add Bangkok Soapy Massage in your listing also

    1. Post
    1. Post
    1. Post
  8. Justin

    Absolutely brilliant bk112, great info on your maps and can’t wait to see it all for myself 1st hand,,,especially “soapy massage ” :)))))) keep up the good work m8 👍

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Thanks Justin, it took a lot of work to make the maps and I’m not sure if it was worth it so reading positive comments helps! 🙂

  9. Rocky

    Do I need to hold my load all the time during massage & BJ till I have sex ? As if I blow it before hand, will the show end right there.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  10. First time to pattaya

    Went to this awesome place called Sabai Dee yesterday itself. Nice warm welcome right from the entrance was given. The lady host mad me sit on the chair to choose the girl of your choice. You can opt in to have a drink or sit without it while you make your selection. (I chose to have a beer which costed 130 Baht) I found the girls with red & blue badges not too attractive. The girls in yellow badges were hot and plenty of them to choose from. Moreover, there is no glass wall between the client and the girls. In-fact the girls waves and says hello while you make your selection pulling your attention towards them. I took around 30 min to chose a girl. After finalizing, a helper escorted me to the cash counter where the payment was done. (He mandatorily asked for a tip, 100 Baht) Post that I was escorted by the sweet charming lady to the room. It all started with both of us un-dressing. She then asked me to sit in the bath tub while she washed me all the way. Now comes the most exciting part – I was made to lie on an air mattress and what followed was an experience which is unbelievable. the sliding of her wet body on yours can’t be expressed in words. She then towel dried me and asked me to lie on the bed. I quickly put on the protection, and she gave me a BJ (You can opt in for BBBJ, provided you give her an extra tip of 700-1000 baht depending on your negotiation skills.) After a quick session of BBBJ of 2-3 min (which I believe is less time) we had full sex. Again she gave me a wash and we were all done.
    Its actually an interesting process. She talks you through during the whole act. My advise – Take some time in selection of your lady. Don’t get carried away by the ladies who calls you or waves at you at the selection point. Prices (Red Badge – 2k baht, Blue – 2.5k baht, Yellow – 3k baht). Also, if you do not find any lady of your choice feel free to walk out.

  11. Pattaya tourist

    Visited Rasputin tonight(January 28 2017) asked specifically for Russian girls and was taken to another lounge, the Russian girls were 7000 baht each, gotta say, totally not worth the value, they were rather HUGE in comparison compared to the Thai girls on display. However the Thai girls on display seemed a little old for my opinion, Honey had a better selection according to my personal tastes.

      1. Pattaya tourist

        Hello “first time to Pattaya”:

        As my experience had mentioned, those eastern European women were “big”, but if that’s your preference then I shouldn’t judge, I’d say they’re in the range of 70~90kg “HUGE”. I however highly recommend the service of the Thai ladies in “Honey 2”, I’ve paid that place two visits in the past week so far, I had in fact just visited that place today. Honestly speaking, the girls in the 3800 baht bracket delivered impeccable service. The service rendered was so heavenly and amazing I’ve rated it as “unforgettable”. I’m usually the kind of guy who gives in when I get to passionately kiss a girl, but these girls SURE know how to deliver! Just remember, in Honey 2, on the left side, those girls are worth a shot! As for the eastern European/Russian girls, I had the guts trying out Galaxy on walking street, got my first ever private dance by a young Ukrainian girl, really gorgeous and knows what’s she’s doing but, 3000 baht for a private dance and that’s about it. I’d say unless you’re seriously wealthy I don’t know how much cash you need to done before these ladies will be willing to head into the “hole in one” room with you. Just my two cents!

  12. Pattaya tourist

    Oh yeah, also, by huge I do in fact mean HUGE chest wise and body wise, sorry but I do prefer petite, no offense to them though.

    One extra thing, I was there again tonight(2/1), in Rasputin, I especially asked the mamasan about the Russian girls, the mamasan said that the police went for a raid and currently there are no Russian girls working. So yeah, she told me they were absent for a couple of days already, so no news regarding their return.

  13. Pattaya tourist

    A rather surprising twist to the story. So I made yet another visit to Rasputin tonight(2/2), and guess what, the Russian ladies are back! This time, surprisingly, there were around EIGHT of them in total, and woah, the quality was slightly better. I went for one that had a slightly bigger chest, however, to my disappointment, I have to say, I paid 7000 baht for a process that was unfortunately HIGHLY mechanical, and by that I mean, highly mechanical, she bathed me, rubbed her chest on me in the bathtub, oh yes, by the way, Rasputin has NO air mattress, so the process above happens IN THE BATHTUB! And then, the process in the bathtub occurred seriously mechanically, as in, I have NEVER experienced intercourse back on the bed at such a lousy level before. Therefore my suggestion is, if you’ve got cash to blow and is simply looking for novelty then perhaps you should go for it, but for pleasure, I highly recommend against it, I’m sure the 5000 baht Thai model category has better choices on offer! Oh yes, and the time on offer was significantly shorter, at only ONE HOUR. My two cents!

  14. Celso

    This place was a scam. The girl did not want to blow me without a condom (which is fine) and I could not get hard that way. So, I asked just for the massage and the just left the room. I complained to the manager and he told me to fuck off and find another place to have massage.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Sounds like there was a language/communication barrier problem to me. As long as you are clear what you want respectfully everything should be ok. You’re the first person to comment about a problem like this. As always, be polite and treat the girls with respect throughout and you’ll have a better chance of having an enjoyable experience. At the start try to pick the enthusiastic, smiling ones from the lineup too. Thanks for your comment as it’s not all rainbows and unicorns in Pattaya.

    1. First time to pattaya

      I agree.. There might be some communication gap. The girls are willing to go down on you without a condom @ Sabai Dee ( I have been there). Yeah .. there would be some extra amount associated with it.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Go to Rasputin for the Russian ladies, I’m sure they will put on a nurses costume if you request it. Prices are not cheap though, usually 5000+ baht

    1. Post
  15. jimbo

    Ok thanks. Will definitely try a soapy massage and really looking forward to it. Will be happy sat talking to a ladyboy as an experience but not my thing for anything more. Great site and good advice. Thanks

  16. Ionic

    I noticed that soapy massage is only in the Pattaya section, are there no soapy massage places in Bangkok, or places you recommend? also do you have to go in there alone, or could you go in there with a girlfriend so long as you buy a girl? thanks

  17. David

    Great read. The article did not mention tip for the girl. Is the girl expecting a tip or is she going to be happy with her cut of the fee? Even with a regular massage the girl always seems to be expecting a tip (but they don’t make as much).

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Tipping is 100% up to the customer in Thailand, be it restaurants, bars or soapy massage places. My advice is to leave a tip only if you receive very good service. For soapy massages the girl will of course be hopeful of a tip, but if the experience wasn’t a positive one for you then simply say thanks at the end and walk out. Some visitors to Thailand are overly generous with tips as that’s what is common practice in their own country. Thanks for your comment as it’s an interesting topic that comes up now and again.

  18. Shyam

    Hi I Indian and visit last week at rashputin Pattaya and very good experience and girl was very, i don’t have any problem regarding Indian so next time don’t say anything about our country.

    1. Vinser

      My Shyam,

      You might writing here for the first time. I am following Bangkok112 for past several years. You being an Indian makes you not less than any other Indian walking in Pattaya with disgusting look on face, not groomed (basic civic sense) not even dressed as per the location (shirts with jeans and sport shoes the regular Indian look). I am even sure that your hotel room must be stinky after you left it. As I have observed Indians so very closely who have brought the image of India to such a level that even doing bit by bit to improve will take ages.

      I think its not you its the society and openness to see a girl in tank tops and hot pants that you have not seen in India and once given the opportunity to monger in places like Bangkok and Pattaya people like you just make the experience of other also disgust

      Another Indian

      P.S. Respect the blog writer if you cant add any value to it.

    1. First Time to Pattaya

      My choice would always be Pattaya. Reason – You get the privileged night life and you could enjoy the beaches during the day time. Rest is left to personal choice of each individual.

  19. First Time to Pattaya

    Hi All
    Wanted to know if picking girls from the walking street is good enough. Would appreciate some thoughts over it. Thanks

  20. 4evasoapy

    I had a quickie my first time within a few minutes into the session, was quite disappointing for me but the girl was a sweetheart and offered me if i wanted to go again knowing that this was first ever soapy and never asked for extra cash, but most will go again for an extra 500 to 1000 baht. Not including tip.

  21. 4evasoapy

    I always tip my girl, and yes i tip very generously, anywhere from 300 to 800 baht directly to the girl cause c’mon like everyone else she’s trying to make a living i don’t see any of us sexing for cash.

  22. Dream

    What a great article and sharing useful information.

    Question, where in Pattaya to get girl back to hotel for overnight would be better and price?

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