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So recently I went to Pattaya for Halloween but had a couple of other nights out there too. Here are the photos from 30 October 2015, on the night before Halloween. I got to Pattaya a bit late on this night, and only started drinking at 10pm. Also, I was a bit off form with shooting footage for YouTube which is why VLOG 29 has so much of Insomnia nightclub in it.


IMG_8068 copy

I started the night on Soi Diana. I had a couple of much needed slices of pizza from the Bronx Pizza parlor (99 baht), washed down with a 70 baht Singha from one of these random beer bars.


IMG_8073 copy

Then I head onwards, much like the guy in the pic above. Fresh meat, a total lamb to the slaughter. However, I am now a happy and willing lamb as I’m starting to really love my nights out in Pattaya.


IMG_8082 copy

First main stop is Soi 6 (as always).



IMG_8087 copy

I have a drink and a bit of banter with the staff at Spider girls. They have a couple of ladyboys mixed in just to make everyone confused. This ladyboy was happy to pose for a pic, unfortunately the best photo was this one mid shot.


IMG_8091 copy

Ruby Club always seems busy. They must be doing something right.


IMG_8098 copy

Extensive cultural tattoo work on the back of a girl from the Route 69 bar on Soi 6.


IMG_8102 copy

It’s getting late. I’m really behind schedule, and I’ve missed my window for a video walk on Walking Street but I head there nonetheless.


IMG_8124 copy

A quick stop to take some establishing shots of the Pattaya sign.


IMG_8132 copy

Beach road girls / ladyboys. They are always there regardless of however many police crackdowns take place. What you don’t see is the many rats scurrying around on the beach just behind.


IMG_8145 copy

I make it to Walking Street. The Palace is a gogo bar I highly recommend. A full review will be coming soon.


IMG_8150 copy

The Hot Tuna Bar always draws crowds and onlookers. The main guitarist is an guy known as Lam Morrison, a 66 year old man who is the godfather of Thai rock music.


IMG_8173 copy

This girl was looking very pleased with herself as she chose some new high heels. Must have been a good night for her.


IMG_8166 copy

This old lady above is a feature of Walking Street. I’ve seen her dancing outside gogo bars before, receiving tips of 20 to 100 baht from passing tourists. I was amazed to see her on this night sleeping beside sacks of rubbish on Walking Street itself! The cones have obviously been strategically placed to try to keep her safe.


IMG_8230 copy

Into a beer bar complex. Some bars are totally dead, others are doing a decent trade. Hint to the bar owners here, make your girls dance on the poles and the customers will come. I never sit at one of these bars without dancing girls to look at.


IMG_8199 copy

A few bar games with the girls. This one above is called ‘jackpot.’ I always gamble for money or drinks whenever I play. It makes it more interesting and also the girls get really into it. Look at the unbridled enthusiasm of the girl above as she spins to try to win a either a lady drink or some of my money.


IMG_8191 copy

If you ring the bell in a beer bar you have to buy all the girls and the customers at the bar a drink. At this bar the bell ringer was made from wood carved in to phalluses. Never touching that!



IMG_8208 copy

It’s the day before Halloween. Some of the bars are doing fancy dress early, the Iron Club was particularly good on this night. I went in and had a great time. Full review coming soon.


IMG_8248 copy

Back to the beer bars and they are starting to wind down for the night. The girls make a last play for the last remaining guys.


IMG_8240 copy

These girls were charming. Very friendly and a good laugh.



Especially this girl. I had a really good time with her 😉




IMG_8320 copy

Later on I spot a guy sitting down with some police around him. If you look closely you can see he has handcuffs on. The full story will be coming soon in the YouTube Trouble in Paradise series. Cliffnotes are he was totally fucked, and probably is still in Jail now as you read this!


IMG_8346 copy

Back to Soi Buakhao. I end up having some very late night drinks with a few random stragglers and ended up in bed at around 7:30am. Standard for a Pattaya night out of course. I used to kind of hate Pattaya as I found it too full on, but now I’m more battle hardened and I know where to go I wouldn’t change Pattaya for the world. In fact, I can’t wait to get back there for another few crazy nights out!


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  1. Barefeet

    First picture from soi diana, i have been sitting there for many many hours at those bars, i always stayed at the LK Renaissance Hotel just across the street. Just 5 weeks then we go Thailand again, we go 2 time each year, traveling from Denmark. Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hey tyler. I have a review of the Palace coming soon. You are right it’s definitely one of the better gogo bars in Pattaya 🙂

  2. chris

    Some nice photos. I always find you can get some great candid shots if you stay in hotels right in the heart of the action (so Queen Vic on soi 6 or p72 on walking street).
    Which camera are you using and do you use the same for video? I find myself making compromises between a camera that is good in low light (big sensor) or one that is quicker to autofocus and has a big zoom range (usually a camcorder).

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hey Chris. I use a camera with hardly any zoom so it’s pretty tricky to get good close up candid shots. Nice suggestions for staying in Pattaya (don’t think I could handle staying on Soi 6 though, too full on!). Thanks for viewing.

  3. sunderland stephen

    Looked like a decent night out . Liked the nun in the short skirt . Catholic guilt leading to sexual rebellion hot . Some lovely girls in the bars . Never understood why some people see them as inferior to gogo girls . A lot of them don’t like the meat market feeling of standing in bikini’s with numbers on them . Doesn’t mean they’re less fun once barfined .

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