Bangkok Bunnies – a gogo bar review



Disclaimer:  This review is subjective and purely based on opinion only. This review was compiled from 3 visits in September and October 2015 at different times of the week. Also, pretty obvious but I must state that is not affiliated with any company or 3rd party connected to any bar.


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Bangkok Bunnies is a bar located in Nana Plaza, Bangkok. It lies on the left hand side of the ground floor as you enter Nana Plaza.

You won’t miss this bar as it has probably the most eye catching signage I’ve ever seen. It’s a masterstroke by whoever designed the sign.

Adjacent to Bangkok Bunnies is Bangkok Milfs, operated by the same management, as of mid October 2015 this bar was still under construction. Bangkok Milfs is on the site of the former ‘Underground’ bar and also of the infamous ‘Voodoo’ bar.



IMG_0134Nice seating area on the front of the bar with comfy chairs.



I like gogo bars, I go to them frequently. I’ve been to Bangkok Bunnies now 3 times, so feel that I can give a reasonable overview of the bar.

As you walk into the bar you enter a rather large annex to the right where you have to walk through to get to the main bar. This is used probably to funnel customers so they enter and exit to the centre of the bar in an area highly visible to staff.

The bar has a central cross shaped dance floor, with bar stools dotted all around, and 3 tiers of red leather seating all round to the left and right sides. The stage is highly visible virtually anywhere you sit.

This bar has a lot of girls in, perhaps more than any gogo bar in Bangkok. Half of the girls on stage are usually topless, and on my latest visit there were 2 fully naked girls dancing on poles on the left and the right sides. Excellent 🙂

Beers are 160 baht, lady drinks are 175 baht.

A bar fine is a standard 700 baht, and a dancer quoted me 2000/4000 for short time / long time.

The Mens toilet is straight ahead and then to the right. It’s not too cramped and there are 4 urinals are located there so not much waiting around even if it is busy.

Where you wash your hands near the toilet there is one way glass, so you can have a good perv at the girls without anyone noticing.

Smoking is allowed on the premises.

They open every evening from 8pm.

WIFI is available for customers.

Music is the standard gogo hip hop / dance / pop, and not too loud so you can understand your company easily.

There are 2 tables on the left for groups, a lot of lapdance grinding action was happening on my last visit.

3am was the closing time on my last visit.


Here is a short video taken in early October 2015. I think my camera nearly broke due to the fact that the topless girl had such an amazing ass!




Girls Girls Girls, this bar has them in spades. So many, almost too many (if that is possible). All shapes, sizes, ages, it’s really quite impressive the display of girls. It was actually quite intimidating the first time I went to the bar. It was a quieter night and I was just stopping for a quick beer before meeting a friend. There were so many girls it was like they were sardines in a tin squashed on the small dancefloor. I wasn’t into getting a lady that night so declined a couple of girls advances, and then when I looked at the stage there were 3 or 4 girls more trying to catch my eye! Nice if you like it but if you are a voyeur (like me sometimes) then it can be a bit off putting.

There has been generally a good atmosphere in this bar on every visit. Most customers had girls with them, and were not sitting alone which is good for the ‘fun’ factor.

Music mix of standard gogo hip hop and classic old tunes, not too loud which is good as you can talk to your chosen lady without shouting. Not really good music but not bad either. Getting Jiggy with it by Will Smith came on after a load of hip hop tunes for example.

They have WIFI available, this is indicated by a green sign on the wall by the bar. I wonder if you can ‘check in’ on Facebook here?

When I did buy a lady a drink, she sat with me for the whole time and did not leave to dance, or didn’t drink up too quickly. She was very pleasant, a bit touchy feely, but not too aggressive. I didn’t end up taking her out of the bar that day but she was still happy sit and talk.




Most of the girls wear skimpy black bikinis, with 1 or 2 sexy fishnet stockings. Nice, simple and classic.

Number 273, wow. Tall, curvy, juicy luscious lips, seductively licking them and giving me the eye at the same time. Great boobs. A winner in my book.

Number 55 a young, plain looking topless girl with what appeared to be a faint cesarean scar, but that’s no deal breaker for me. I couldn’t really see clearly anyhow as I was on the 3rd tier of seats at the time. She just looked so fresh and pure, and wore very light makeup (a bonus in my book). It was as if she was plucked straight from the upcountry Thai farming villages and put right on the stage. Nice body, I would have happily bought her a drink if I’d seen her the first time round.

Number 212 Great looking high cheek-boned flat chested girl. Amazing ass to die for. Model thin, brown tint to her hair. Nice and sultry looking.

Number 191 Very hot, no boobs though, I saw her ask a Japanese guy for a drink and he declined. Shame, she was nice and playful looking.

But ….. I didn’t catch the number of the best girl I’ve seen here. She was a curly haired, kind of stoic faced girl who just basically owned the show whenever she was around. Just thinking about her makes me want to go back. She was the obvious alpha girl from my last few visits, with a perfect body, high cheekbones, and a great dancer (but she knew it). The only thing I never saw her do was smile, next time I’m there I’ll probably buy her a drink just to see if she actually does smile 🙂

On my last visit there was a lot of dirty lapdance action happening at the tables to the left (right next to where I was sat). I’m not sure what the deal was with the lapdances, but let’s just say that the guys were having a good time 🙂

On the central stage the dancers move around every song or 2, so it’s a fast rotation which is good in my book.

I’m not sure about any unbarfinable girls in this bar, some are so hot they might have some sort of tier system for prices? The website says 200 exotic dancers and showgirls, so maybe there are girls that can’t be taken out of the bar.

One thing I haven’t seen in this bar are girls sitting around looking bored, or playing with their phones. When not dancing they sat on the empty stools near the central stage. This is really refreshing and great to see.




No bar is perfect, and the Bangkok Bunnies bar is still under construction, so it’s hard to give a comprehensive review.

Every time I have entered the bar the service staff have failed to greet me, and I have just sat down myself wherever looked good. So the service could definitely do with some improvement.

Smoking is allowed, and it can be pretty heavy if you are unlucky enough to have a bar full of smokers. The ventilation was not good on my last visit and where I was sat on the 3rd tier I was actually coughing due to all the excessive smoke around.

If you are looking for girls then you can’t go wrong in this place. But, be firm with the girls just after you enter as you will get a bit of attention due to the fact that there are so many girls around. Make sure it’s you who chooses the girl and not the other way around. One visit where it was a bit quiet I felt like the girls were watching the customers rather than the other way round! Every eye contact would have a stage girl trying to engage you. So if you are looking to chill out and watch a few girls dancing then maybe this isn’t the best bar for it, due to the fact that the girls will come up to you a lot.

There were a lot of exposed electrical wiring to the right side joining on to sister bar, Bangkok Milfs. But this is due to the construction happening so have to let this one slide.

One amusing thing happened on my 2nd visit was the security person must have been really lax, 10 cheeky Chinese tourists slipped in! Because the service staff weren’t there to greet them, they wandered over to the right hand side. Every topless girl on stage instantly covered their chests with their arms and turned away from the pesky intruders. The group were eventually told to get out after a couple of minutes of shuffling around.

About the seating, there is not much leg room on the 2nd and 3rd tiers. I’m not the tallest person in the world but it does feel like it was designed for Thai people (who are normally shorter). I had to sit a bit diagonally to be comfortable both times I sat on the 3rd tier.

My beer wasn’t ice cold, but was just about passable. I do like near frozen beers as Thailand is such a hot country (this is probably me nitpicking though).

When I did buy my chosen lady a drink, the service tomboy tried to get a drink off me also. I declined politely but she persisted (overstaying her welcome), pretending to cry, and giving me the routine before finally getting the message. It kind of left a bad feeling in the air. I always try to be polite but firm, as the last thing you want is service girls as hangers on with every round you buy. A small tip at the end is normally adequate.




My overall feeling is that this bar will be a great asset to Nana Plaza. Bangkok Bunnies has done the basics right in that it has stocked the bar full with 200 girls. My minor complaints in this review pale into insignificance due to the fact that ‘IT’S FULL OF HOT GIRLS!’ So I’ll definitely be back soon, and I’m sure that if they can keep the lineup as it is then the punters will be visiting this place in droves.




Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 14.38.56

By day you can why the sign is so clear, it has a white background behind the clear and bold letters.



Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 14.38.32

Bangkok Bunnies is on Facebook, and has a website.


P1070174 copy_2

Pretty lady bar, lower bottom left. April 2013.


IMG_0539 final

Spellbound Bar, April 2015.



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  1. Kazuki

    Thx for the informative text about the new Bangkok Bunnies. Was very interesting and I am pretty sure to visit it at least once to give it a try. Do you know anything more about the Bangkok Milfs? Is there any information when it will be opened?

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  2. Dustin

    I just wanna thank you for your videos and information that you provide. I haven’t had the privilege to go there yet, but thanks to your videos and information you provide. I feel more confident and more knowledgeable. Thank you again.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      With the website I can provide much more detailed information to compliment the Youtube videos, that is the aim. Hopefully it will be successful and grow into a good resource, but at the moment it’s still early days so expect a few more changes to the layout of the site in the coming weeks / months. Thanks for your comment Dustin.

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  3. Phuket lover

    Hey dude I’m always watching ur amazing video on YouTube it’s great man. Why u not going Phuket I think phuket is more beautiful than pattaya or bangkok and if it’s possible take some video from ladyboys also. Thanks dude keep it up

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hey Mr Phuket. The last set of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza ladyboy videos weren’t very popular at all, so I’ve stopped doing them for now. For Phuket I’m not really a beach lover so don’t make it down very often, but I agree the scenery is nicer than Pattaya and Bangkok. Thanks for your comment.

  4. King Epic

    I’m sorry did you actually mean 200 girls? I would sometimes wall around at Nana Plaza and not even go inside anywhere because there were only a few people on the hallway (and I assumed there wasn’t much going on at all).

    Also, are these all girls? No risk of running into a ladyboy?

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Yes, they claim to have 200 girls. I don’t think they are all there every night but there are tons and tons inside at the moment. No ladyboys to be seen when I was there.

  5. Sheherezade Blanc, aka "Zade"

    Once again a nice, thought out, yet concise review. Perhaps a review of all the bars you can get to. Perhaps make a patreon or other fund-raising account so you can get paid to make reviews to keep the bros from around the world in the know about good and bad places to where they can make an educated decision about good places for entertainment. Keep up the good work.


  6. Chris

    how about restrictions of any people into the bar.Like Barcara in soiw cowboy , they dont allow anyone other than japanese stating private members only

  7. Antoine

    Club is ok so far.
    The Service Lady was Always make Drama to get a Drink for her.
    This is not very polite and make a customer feel very uncomfortable.
    On 29 Dezember 2015 i had a bill of 6000 + bath in this Bar.
    Then I pay Bar fine Nr 206 and we went to the club to have a drink first.
    Then she ask to pay her for extra service 2000 Bath upfront. After getting money she left the club without a word. Summery: 8000 bath for nothing.
    My friend happened same thing in this Bar, be careful pick up girl there, it may be a trap!

  8. Soeren

    Stumbled on your page by accident, I’ve been lucky that this accident happend to me.
    Haven’t been to BKK for about 10 years, so much has changed, so your blog came as my rescue to see where to
    go and which bar to give a miss. I might even give Pattaya a go after reading your reports.

    Thanks for all the Information.

  9. sunderland stephen

    Good review style, all the information required and to the point . Plain to see you know what your talking about . One lad out there is of the our reporter made his excuses and left variety but won’t admitted it , and it sticks out like a sore thumb .

  10. Juan

    I was yesterday in that club. The lady slap me for touching the back without give a tip. I got astonish.
    Yes, the mama san that control the prostitucion there return me the money, but
    Hard to manage to understand why that happened

    Hen the police arrived, they recommend me to run fast away because owners related with “dangerous” people.

    Of course i run away and i will never return back

  11. Henk

    Bangkok bunnies has a new owner. The old owner is back.

    Prices are back to normal
    Ld 165
    Bf 700
    Beers start at 135.

    Great vibe and party. Lots and lots of girls.

    NO lady boys!

  12. Pete

    Your YouTube videos are a real service and set the standard for all others. Your reviews are even better. Genuine thanks, and keep up the great work!

  13. TopDown

    Agree with Antoine, it’s a rip off. I assume the article reflects the good old days when you choose your seating and even choose your lady. Nowadays, as the result of a change in policy, most girls don’t go with customers, only trying to get a maximum of Ladydrinks (to reach their job objectives). The mamasans are very pushy and rude and impose their girls. Unless you wanna spend hundreds of dollars for a lapdance and sleep alone, stay out of that place. Anyway, BKK as a whole is definitely not the place to have a good time with a nice girl. It’s the supermarket of phantasy.
    If you happen to be in BKK, pick up a freelancer (many of them after their work in the bars at Nana Plaza is finished) on the street (Soi 4). THB 1,500 and good girls including fresh cuties.

  14. Gunnar

    Avoid this Bangkok Bunny agogo. I was here on Sunday 7th of august 2016. Got a girl (about 23years) that could hardly speak english. Ladydrinks where 185 and they were very pushy to get the second lady drink. I paid with 200 baht and after mamasan came back with the change she also wanted tip! To avoid paying for more ladydrinks i asked for the barfine. It was 700 and then 2500 för short time. So I paid and when heading back to the hotel the girl said she was hungry and insisted that she wanted to eat seafood but i had already eaten buffet that evening. After some arguments we went to this seafood restaurant and she ordered several dishes and wanted me to pay for it. I said no and that i already paid 3200 in total for the mamasan and that I had no money and credit card available. “Why you have credit card in hotel” she asked and hitting my lightly in the arm. So I was a sucker and started to feel as such one also as the time passed. I suspected she wanted to burn the short time just by eating food. Then she started saying “Where is my money, why i don´t have any money”. I said to her that was a problem between her and the mamasan. Eventually we got the hotel and she looked tired, rested a while and she said “only once and then i go ok”. Five minutes after we were done she had a pulse of like 120 which is not natural. Question is if the girtls are getting any breaks and food at this place. When leaving with a customer they should be rested and fit without coming up with any nonsence.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Short time experiences can be fickle. To get good service depends a lot on your rapport with the girl. Often, the best looking gogo girls are the worst performers in the bedroom. Sounded like a complete ballache having to eat seafood with her before you got to the hotel, and then being asked to pay. Also, if you paid in full upfront to the mamasan that is not normal practice. Better to pay the barfine at the bar, then the girl personally after the deed. If they insist on full payment before leaving be prepared to walk away as you are open to all kinds of shenanigans like you encountered. Thanks for your comment Gunnar and safe travels my friend.

      1. Gunnar

        Thanks yourself for your reply and tips. Risk is that i will keep to massage parlours and other places than Agogos in the future.

  15. Kris

    Indeed. Welcome to Bangkok. Thailand is a waste of time and money. Happy to go back to Indo tomorrow. Anyways any ASEAN country is more honest than Thailand. Maybe less hamburgers and pizzas, but more fun!

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Sounds like you were taken for a ride. Care to elaborate on what happened? Must be a good story 🙂 Enjoy Indo and safe travels mate

    1. Post
      1. carlos sims

        My pleasure & thanks for your reply 🙂

        Some of them older Thai woman look so sexy so once they see i only want to massage, touch, lick, & kiss their breast, neck, arms, & legs, they be happy because of me not wanted sex hehe.

  16. In love with 95

    Was at Bunnies in May 2016 and I must agree the place was great. My favourite was number 95…stunning. Will visit again on my next trip to Bangkok.

  17. JP Bangkok112 Fan

    Hello Mr. Bangkok112.
    Congrats on your website and youtube videos, i like a lot
    Hope you put new things.
    Im gone keep updated day to day

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      They have short time hotels in Nana Plaza and the surrounding streets. A room costs around 350 baht for an hour. Thanks for your comment.

  18. syed

    before going to bunnies i went other go go bars but the seating area and the girls were not beautiful finally i tried the bunnies good atmosphere and the seating leather sofas are comfortable to sit with bar girl i bought a lady drink for her she was more than 40 min with me rubbing my dick dancing on my lap she want to convince me to go for short time i insist her that i cant butshe tried a lot i whatever she say i politely says no and i enjoyed 40 min in the bar for just 345 bhatt if u need a girl there are many girls dont try to take girls from nana plaza they are costly i found a freelancer for 1100 bhat for overnight and given her 200 bhat tip

  19. Cobol Ong

    I have gone through all the comments and as usual both positive and negative comments existed. This end of May I will visit this bar as I will come in late and stay at Nana Hotel. Seeing is believing but when a hot girl sitting on my lap everything will be forgotten.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      At the end of the day research can only take you so far. Seeing with your own eyes and making your own opinions trumps all else.

  20. eloy63

    Thank you for all the information you provide.I intend to visit Bangkok in November so if,as you mention in the webpage,it is helpful for you to book a hotel through the link I will do it.
    Also it would be very interesting for me a similar extended review for Angel´s Witch(if I remember correctly the name of the heavy-metal gogo bar in Nana Plaza).I find more appealing going to a place where they place rock music,although obviously the number one concern is the girls.It also sounds interesting about this place when you mention the black sexy lingerie the girls use,always a bonus.
    Thanks again.

  21. Rodney Twyman

    Hey, thanks for videos you have to help out. I have a couple of questions. In your What city is best to go to for the best women? And also when you go to the bars , who are the women standing on the outside? They might be holding signs or just ask you to come in the bar. Are they just there to do that? Thanks

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  22. 86Arletha

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    you can earn extra bucks every month because you’ve got hi quality content.

    If you want to know how to make extra $$$, search for: best adsense alternative Wrastain’s tools

  23. GuidoSexMachine

    I was at Nana Plaza and went to Bangkok Bunnies a few days ago. Bangkok Bunnies A-GoGo is still pretty much as you have described it over 2 years ago. Drinks might be slightly higher than 2 years ago and bar fines now 800 to 1,000 Thai Bhat. I was offered ST for 2,500 and LT for 3000 THB. Overall one of the best GoGo’s in Nana Plaza. But my favorite GoGo is still Billboard on the top floor. Hard to beat that jacuzzi in back of room with several naked ladies sliding around near the stage. But will definitely go back to Bangkok Bunnies on my next visit to Nana Plaza.

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