Bangkok Hotels – Where to stay near Soi Cowboy?

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Bangkok Hotels – Where to stay near Soi Cowboy?


This is a guide to help ‘Bangkok 112’ Subscribers when booking hotels in the Soi Cowboy area of Bangkok.

There are no cookies in the links below, so if you do choose a hotel from this list then please consider clicking from the link below and booking straight through. This will be at no extra cost to you. It’s win / win as any commission will go straight back into improving Bangkok 112 YouTube videos and maintaining this website. Thank you for your support and I hope that this information will be of use to you.

Choosing your hotel in Bangkok can make or break your stay, I always recommend to any friends to stay near Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 11 or Soi Cowboy. All are near the Skytrain and are centrally located for the restaurants, bars and night clubs.




Soi Cowboy coyote dancers outside the Deja Vu bar


Bangkok is a massive city with over 8 million people living here, transport can be a big issue so you don’t want to book a hotel in the wrong place.

Do not stay near the Chao Phraya River or Khaosan road if you are going to be frequenting the bar areas of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. Getting taxis all the time will waste both time and money.

Here is my solid list of hotel options to stay near the Soi Cowboy bar area. I have recommended these places to many friends over the years who come and stay in the area. Prices are from low to high and are quoted in $ Dollars for clarity.


At a glance:

Sam’s Lodge from $30

Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel from $30 [Wild Card]

Red Planet Asoke from $31

Citadines Soi 23 from $53

S Sukhumvit Suites from $56

Four Points by Sheraton from $107

Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 from $131 [agoda award winning hotel 2015!]

Sofitel Sukhumvit from $150


NB – All the hotels on this page are ‘guest friendly’ meaning there are no girl joiner fees to pay. When you book a room make sure you check 2 under how many adults are staying.


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 17.26.30_2

Hotel locations with Soi Cowboy indicated on the map


Sam’s Lodge

2-Star guest friendly hotel with 18 rooms.

Room rates start from around $30 per night.

Free WIFI, roof terrace, small but functional rooms.

Overall: The best value 2-star hotel in the area. Amazing location, guest friendly and consistently good reviews. I would advise booking here only if you are seasoned traveller as some of the rooms are quite small.

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link to get the best room rates (1038 baht per night I was quoted for a room in May 2017).


[Wild Card – The famous ‘Thermae’ bar is under this hotel, so there are tons of available freelancer girls around!]

Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel

3-Star guest friendly hotel with 98 rooms

Room rates start from around $30 a night.

Free WIFI, outdoor pool, and the famous ‘Thermae’ freelancer bar is in the basement of this hotel.

Overall: The hotel itself is a bit tired and has mixed reviews, so it would probably appeal more to seasoned travellers. But if you like to stay with the action on your doorstep then this is a good choice.

The Thermae bar appeals more to the Japanese clientele in Bangkok so the freelancer prices are a bit more expensive and picky. That said, the going rate is now 2500 baht short time and many ladies would be more than happy to go with a Westerner. Having a room upstairs is very convenient if you are planning on visiting the Thermae, as the short time rooms are a whopping 600 baht for a 2 hour rental.

Tip: Book a room through this agoda link to get the best room rates. (I was quoted 1059 baht a night for a room in May 2017)


IMG_3141 copy_2

The Asok Junction. Stay as close to here as possible if you can.


Red Planet Asoke

3-Star guest friendly hotel with 130 rooms.

Room rates start from around $31 a night.

Small but clean and functional hotel rooms. This used to be part of the Tune Hotel range.

Overall: Good value for money rooms here. Kind of like the IBIS chain, functional but unspectacular. I stayed in the Red Planet Pattaya hotel, and although the room was small I absolutely loved the comfy bed and rain shower (video here)

Tip: Book a few weeks in advance direct through this agoda link to get the best rates (I was quoted 1089 baht a night for a room here in May 2017).


Citadines Soi 23

3-Star guest friendly hotel with 138 rooms.

Room rates start from around $53

Nice facilities with a rooftop pool and gym. Rooms are large serviced apartments so all come with kitchenettes and washing facilites which is a bonus if you are staying more than a day or 2.

Overall: A great location for Soi Cowboy and the skytrain/underground. Citadines Soi 23 has some nearby massage parlours that might put some people off, but to me this is a bonus 🙂 On tripadvisor this place mostly gets solid 4 star reviews which is always good. This would be my number one choice for staying near Soi Cowboy as for the money the facilities can’t be beaten.

Tip: book through this agoda link to get the best room rates (1866 baht a night was available in April 2017).


IMG_1492 copy_2

The Asok Junction. Where the MRT underground and the BTS skytrain cross over is right where Soi Cowboy is located.


S Sukhumvit Suites

3-Star guest friendly hotel with 75 rooms.

Room rates start from around $56

Nice clean, well appointed rooms. Free WIFI, but lacks a swimming pool and fitness center.

Overall: The very best location for Soi Cowboy, it’s only a 1 minute stroll away! Right at the underground and skytrain stations, with Terminal 21 shopping mall just a 2 minute walk. This good, clean hotel is in an amazing location and receives very good reviews. Highly recommended.

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link for the best rates (I was quoted 1963 baht for a room in April 2017)


Four Points by Sheraton

4-Star guest friendly hotel with 268 rooms.

Room rates start from around $107

New hotel with great service and facilities in a great location. It has it’s own Hooters bar too now.

Overall: A new hotel with great facilities and receives regular glowing reviews. The Thermae bar is just round the corner, and the Skytrain and Terminal 21 shopping mall are close by too.

Tip: book as far in advance as possible through this agoda link for the best room prices (I was quoted 3766 baht for a night in June 2017).


Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 (Agoda award winning hotel)

5-Star, guest friendly hotel with 398 rooms.

Room rates start from around $131 a night

5-Star luxury in the most perfect location right at the BTS Skytrain and MRT Underground station. Connected together is Terminal 21, a nice modern shopping mall with a cinema and great dining options.

Overall: Great service and facilities, widely reviewed as the best 5-Star hotel in the area. As such, this hotel frequently gets fully booked up so reserve a room early to avoid disappointment (4600 baht a night was the price I was quoted for a room in June 2017).


Sofitel Sukhumvit

5-Star, guest friendly hotel with 345 rooms.

Room rates start from around $50

Luxury hotel with great facilities and fantastic service to match.

Overall: A very popular 5-star hotel, with good reason as it ticks all the boxes and if you have the money to burn then not booking here would be hard to justify. This Sofitel has some of the best executive suites in Bangkok so if you want to go all out then book here (rooms from 5272 baht a night in May 2017).




Also Consider these if your chosen hotel is fully booked:

The Key Sukhumvit by Compass Hospitality – a 3-star, 43 room, guest friendly hotel. Rooms start at around $52.

SilQ Bangkok – a 4-star, boutique, guest friendly hotel. Rooms start at around $52.

Westin Grande Sukhumvit – a luxury 5-star, 362 room, guest friendly hotel. Rooms start at around $140.



Nice happy hour at the Lighthouse gogo bar on Soi Cowboy


Thank you for reading this article. I would appreciate your comments or feedback and I plan to revise and improve this list to keep it as up to date as possible.

Once again if you are considering booking a hotel anywhere in the world through or agoda then consider using the links above (at no extra cost to yourself) as it would really help the YouTube channel and the running of this website. Thanks once again.

(Prices in $ Dollars were taken in July 2016. If you book a hotel close to the date you stay then the prices might be higher)


Comments 27

  1. Bill Mark

    Your site is the only one I can find that suggests registering 2 guests. Want to confirm that I need to register 2 adults at a guest friendly hotel even though I am traveling alone. Thank you for your feedback. Your vids are a major reason I’m taking my holiday to Thailand next year. =)

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Yes, always check the 2 in the box for adults staying when booking a hotel (even when travelling alone). The price will be the same, and its just to be safe. You don’t need to give the name of the 2nd adult so there is nothing to lose. Thanks for your comment and enjoy your travels 🙂

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hey Jake, yes Radisson Blu near Soi Cowboy is guest friendly. Book through agoda for the cheapest rates, and use the link at the bottom of this page at no extra cost for win / win. Enjoy your travels man 🙂

  2. Ron Stearns

    Love your Vids 112, leaving in a couple of days to Bangkok, 1st. timer:) have learn a lot from your sites, thanks.. my question is my stay I’m hopefully going to try to see more then just the clubs but, hey…. Hotels so many to chose from depending on what your doing, girls….what do you know about the JW Marriott only because now I can book no problem I belong to club, rates not bad compared to if you want to spend just under 99 a night… Try Nana but they never got back to confirm reservations ? Marriott I will have no problem… Please
    advise a new b on what maybe to do going hopefully to find that one girl that’s off the hook…..thanks

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      The JW Marriott is a great choice near Nana bar area, if you can get a good rate through the club then look no further. Transport links are excellent from there as it’s close to Nana BTS Skytrain station so you can do touristy stuff really easily from there. As for girls, think about what you’re after, a gogo girl, a beer bar girl? Probably a high end freelancer might be more up your street and you can meet these easily at the more expensive clubs such as Spasso Nightclub (at the Grande Hyatt) or maybe a regular freelancer from Climax Nightclub on Soi 11. Try not to overthink everything and enjoy your first trip Ron! 🙂

  3. GreenPhoenix

    Good day BKK112,

    Newbie here planning on visiting Thailand for 10 days during the first half of Nov ’16.

    I’m pondering on how to split these 10 days amongst Bankok and Pattaya. Would 5 days at both places be ideal? Or do you recommend more/less days at either places?

    It’s goin to be my first visit. From what I’ve picked up from your videos my agenda would include soapy massages, freelancer girls & good restaurants in order of priority..having this in mind could you please recommend the most appropriately located hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya?

    Also, do you reckon $ 1k to be sufficient for the stay, booze & girls? Considering my appetite for partying as “mild”

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hey Mr GreenPhoenix,

      5 days each in Bangkok and Pattaya sounds good for a first trip. If you are more of a city person then consider more time in Bangkok and if you are more of a Beach / holiday town person then maybe spend more time in Pattaya. It’s about your personal preference.

      All the Bangkok and Pattaya hotels I recommend on this website are central and have good transport links. It’s hard to go wrong with booking from the hotels listed as I’ve stayed in most of the hotels personally. I’ve not had one single complaint in 3 months from any hotel I’ve recommended which speaks volumes.

      About the $1k, again it’s about your preference. Personally I think $150 a day is perfect but if you are taking freelancers and not partying too hard $1k should be fine for the trip.

      Enjoy your travels my friend 🙂

  4. GreenPhoenix

    Thanks BKK112. Your prompt response is much appreciated.

    I’m planning on booking at the Nana Plaza hotel in Bangkok as i remember you mentioning it as a freelancer hotspot.

    As for Pattaya I’m torn between Adelphi and LK Mansion. The reason being LK Mansion being closer to more soapy massage centres whereas Adelphi has only PPs nearby, but is closer to the Walking Street. I am also considering Sabai Resorts , have you any experience with their property?

    I’m a bit apprehensive on how to carry cash during a night out. Do you carry your wallet with you or only the approx amount you might spend and the rest in the room locker? I’m from Dubai and we thankfully don’t have any pickpocketing or such theft over here so never really thought about it. Sorry if I just assumed theft to be common in Bangkok/Pattaya (not wanting to offend any Thai Citizen here) , but rather be prepared than regret.

    PS: Adelphi has now started reservations on as well, just wanted to inform you as I beleive you were referring to only earlier 🙂

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hey GreenPhoenix,

      I don’t have any experience with LK Mansion or Sabai Resort in Pattaya as the reviews weren’t good enough for me to stay. Both are probably decent enough places and fine for your trip as well as The Adelphi.

      As for carrying cash, I only have as much cash as I think I will need in my wallet for the night and leave my credit cards back in the hotel (either in the safe or locked in my bag).

      In most tourist cities in the World pickpockets exist, so just use common sense and you will be fine.

      Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  5. Morientes

    Hi, really glad I found your informative and entertaining Youtube Channel, and of course, the sister website.

    I am visiting Bangkok in January for around three weeks.

    I wanted to ask a question…..does it not make sense to pick up a decent apartment on Airbnb for the duration of the stay in a good central location close to the action of Soi and Nana as opposed to a 4/5 start hotel room? I have checked out Airbnb and some excellent rentals are available that are spacious and very comfortable looking, with good facilities within the apartment building, and close to some large decent hotels where you can pop in for meals etc if need be.

    I do have a decent budget so not really too constrained as far as paying for a decent place goes. Would like to hear your thoughts. It’s my first trip to Bangkok but certainly not my first trip abroad.

    Cheers….and keep up the excellent work, always keeping an eye out for your latest VLOG.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hey man,

      I don’t recommend using Airbnb as subletting apartments in Thailand is in a legal grey area and you could encounter problems. The Thailand hotel association is pressing the government to come down hard on Airbnb. Also, as you will be in private residence building you aren’t as flexible as in a hotel and can be evicted without refund for disturbing nearby residents. So I recommend to stay in hotels, but by all means chance it with an Airbnb rental. Thanks for your comment and enjoy your travels 🙂

  6. Dude123

    Hi Bangkok 112

    You answered my question for getting and AirBnb or a hotel from previous post.

    My other question is, i am going with a friend so we are looking to share a room in 5 star hotel. The best value i thought was W Bangkok and i have a friend who studies there too. I am going for 9 days, just in Bangkok. Now i am considering to go longer and go to Pattaya. (First time in Thailand)

    How is W Bangkok like? The hotel does have requirement of 3 guest max but can we invite freelancers for one night or few hours? If i am quite a party animal and planning to get escorts, how much per day would be sufficient?

    Thanks, Good job on your Vlogs.

  7. Larry

    Hello there Bangkok 112

    I love your videos, and your website, it’s really useful.

    I have some pretty complicated questions, and just a lot of questions 😀

    So I already made plans with a friend to travel to Bangkok in the end of March 2017 for 2 weeks. Specifically for six days then take a travel service to Pattaya for 4-5 days.

    We were considering staying at the Ruamchitt hotel since it was pretty much right in the middle of all the action, and Thermae bar seemed like a fun and close place to pick up freelancers and the hotel being above makes it more convenient. However I changed my mind on it after reading some mixed reviews online, people were saying things like the quality of the rooms aren’t great and the amenities could be better and bad maintenance, and through research that Thermae is mostly popular with Japanese men, which means to me that it will probably cost more considering who the girls are trying to target. Will it make a difference in price or how they like us since I’m actually Chinese-American? And my friend is Filipino-American?

    So I made a reservation through Agoda to book a hotel in Bangkok for the first half, I will be staying at the “In Residence Bangkok Sukhumvit” on Sukhumvit 13. Strange thing is that the Radisson Suites and this one that I’ve booked has the same exact style rooms (They really seem like the same exact hotel after using google maps/earth to try and see it). I chose this over the Radisson listing on Agoda due to the huge price difference since they seemed to be the same, I don’t suppose you have come across this problem before?

    Another was how would you recommend we travel from Bangkok to Pattaya? We were considering using a transfer service such as or maybe since they both do hotel to hotel travel service from Bangkok to Pattaya which seems extremely convenient considering we’re going to be first timers going to Thailand. Travel budget isn’t of concern, I’m just worried about the trustworthiness of these services. Or doing what the locals do and take a local bus?

    Third was I booked two rooms for Sea Me Spring Too hotel n Pattaya on Soi 10 (looks likes a second location across the original, both seem to be guest friendly from my research). I chose this because the rooms looks quite nice and the reviews were pretty good too. What do you think of my choice? Good? Bad?

    And when we return to Bangkok for a day before our flight we booked Dynasty Grande Hotel near Nana. Good choice? Or just go with my original choice?

    Also, what do you recommend in terms of exchanging currency? Using ATM (travel notice on credit/debit cards obviously)? Or just exchange cash at a bank or money exchange service?

    Lastly what’s the average price difference for a tuk tuk and an actual taxi?

    Thanks Bangkok 112

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Mandos

    A few questions for any experienced Bangkok travelers …

    What does an average Freelancer cost? I couldn’t find a reference to a prices anyway. Does anyone have an estimate?

    Also, I plan to stay at Ruamchitt for a week and then Sukhumvit Suites for 3 weeks more because of a unique situation. So my question is does anyone know how to get action during the day? from 9am to 4pm? You see I am meeting a thai girl who lives and works in Bangkok that I have been communicating with for a couple months and I plan to stay at Rauamchitt for a week to have fun before telling her I am in Bangkok. After that I will move to Sukhumvit for the last 3 weeks and Message her that I have just arrived. but she works during the day. So what Day action can I get while she is at work? Is there Full service at soapy massages?

    Thank you in advance

  9. Maxi

    Thank you for all the Videos, great stuff. Decoder already to Come in Feb to patty and bkk. But one questen: where can i find some persian girls?

    1. Maxi

      Thank you again for all the Videos and the information.
      I had 2 Nights in the Ruamchitt Plaza 20.02.-22.02, clean, silent…
      Thermae Bar….not my style.
      Soi Arab…..found some “Persian Girls” by my own.
      If you ask why persian girls….I had 3 Thai Ladies and one Madagascar Lady in Pattaya the week before, i love variety 🙂

      Oh, I had the Palm Garden in Pattaya, near the Dolphin Circle, guest friendly, cheap and clean, with big pool. You should try it

  10. Mover

    Hey 112, I just booked a junior suite at the Four Points for a few nights next week on your recommendation mate. I’ve got reasons to celebrate so thought why not do it in style! Love the videos, keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Post
  11. Kale


    I booked Red Planet Asoke for end for my vacation,Im just two nights in Bangkok.My question is how long does it take to travel from hotel to airport and what is the best way to travel? My flight leaves in the morning.

    Thanks for the advice and tips to Thailand,I had tons of info for your videos and this website like that hotel I booked.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hey man,

      Thanks to watch the videos and book the hotel 🙂

      It usually takes 30-40 mins in a meter Taxi to the airport from Red Planet Asoke and it costs around 250 baht.

      Or you could use the Airport link if you don’t have heavy bags. Take the MRT underground from Sukhumvit to Phetchaburi, then a 10 minute walk to Makkasan Airport rail link station and go straight to Suvarnabhumi airport. Time will be around 30-40 mins the same.

      The airport rail link is much cheaper (only costs around 60 baht total) than the taxi but is more hassle with changing stations and you have to open your bag for inspection.

      Have a great trip 🙂

    1. Post
  12. aleks

    i love your website and your youtube channel:) keep up the good work. what about det cowboy 2 bar at son cowboy? only been in bangkok one time and i took a girl from the bar i think whas the cowboy 2 bar with my to my hotel.. its that one of the good bars or is it better other places? i really liked it tho

  13. Jonathan

    I’m not even going and will probably never go but I’m enjoying your page and videos immensely. It’s so detailed with great information. I can only imagine how much fun I would have with my basically unlimited budget. Keep up the awesome work because there are dreamers like me who just found it and loving it.

    1. Post

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