Bangkok Hotels – Where to Stay near Nana Plaza?

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Bangkok Hotels – Where to Stay near Nana Plaza?


NB – All the hotels on this page are ‘guest friendly’ meaning there are no girl joiner fees to pay. When you book a room make sure you check 2 under how many adults are staying.


This is a guide to help ‘Bangkok 112’ Subscribers when booking hotels in the Soi 4 Nana area of Bangkok. There are no cookies in the links below, so if you do choose a hotel from this list then please consider clicking from the link below and booking straight through. This will be at no extra cost to you, any commission will go straight back into improving Bangkok 112 YouTube videos and maintaining this website. Thank you for your support and I hope that this information will be of use to you.


Choosing your hotel in Bangkok can make or break your stay, I always recommend to any friends to stay near Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit Soi 11 or Soi Cowboy. All are near the Skytrain and are centrally located for the restaurants, bars and night clubs.

Bangkok is a massive city with over 8 million people living here, transport can be a big issue so you don’t want to book a hotel in the wrong place.

Do not stay near the Chao Phraya River or Khaosan road if you are going to be frequenting the bar areas of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. Getting taxis all the time will waste both time and money.

Here is my solid list of hotel options to stay near the Nana Plaza bar area. I have recommended these places to many friends over the years who come and stay in the area. Prices are from low to high and are quoted in $ Dollars for clarity.




At a glance:

Ibis Nana from $39

The Nana Hotel from $40 [WILD CARD]

Legacy Express Sukhumvit from $$48.50

Majestic Suites Hotel from $45

Hotel Solo Sukhumvit 2 from $54

The Dawin Nana  from $56

The Landmark Bangkok from $125

JW Marriot Hotel, Bangkok from $134


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 23.53.18_2

Hotel locations relative to Nana Plaza



Ibis Nana

3-Star guest friendly hotel with 200 rooms.

Room rates start from around $39 a night.

Small, but very clean and functional rooms with free WIFI.

Overall: A great location 2 minutes walk from the bars in Soi 4 Nana. I’ve actually stayed here once a few years ago and everything was fine. ‘If in doubt, just book the IBIS’ is something I advise people in Thailand if you are totally stuck for somewhere to stay as it is a solid but unspectacular choice.

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link for the best prices, you must book as far in advance as possible for the best room rates.(currently it’s around 1415 baht a night from March 2017 onwards which is excellent value).



IMG_3957 copy_2

The famous iconic Nana Hotel in 2014. With the Golden bar in front. The hotel first opened in 1963, and was a favourite with US soldiers during the Vietnam war.


[The wild card. Don’t stay here if you are not a seasoned monger traveller. If you really want to live the Soi 4 Nana nostalgic experience and be in the thick of it then stay here]

The Nana Hotel

3-Star guest friendly hotel with 334 rooms.

Room rates start from around $40 a night.

Free WIFI, outdoor swimming pool, famous coffee shop downstairs, very popular with older solo travellers. 25 sq m rooms with a safe, and large refrigerators to accommodate long stays. 2pm standard checkout time is a bonus.

Overall: The most central location, directly opposite Nana Plaza. Freelancers are on your doorstep around the car park at all times of day. The rooms are a bit tired and dated but the management have improved recently so it is becoming a good option to stay here again. They have a standard late checkout of 2pm for all guests which is a bonus.

Tip book direct through this agoda link for the best price (1415 baht a night is standard here online).


IMG_1670 copy_2

The Nana Hotel in 2016. Hooters bar replaced the Golden bar in December 2015.



Majestic Suites Hotel

3-Star guest friendly hotel with 55 rooms.

Room rates start from around $45 a night.

Free WIFI in the rooms, Outdoor swimming pool. Small but well appointed rooms.

Overall: Amazing location with the Soi 4 bars and Nana Plaza being very close but it’s still quiet. It can be hard to get a room here as it frequently gets booked up which is a sign of a good place to stay.

Tip: Book direct via this agoda link for the best rates (I was quoted 1575 baht for a night in May 2017 which represents good value for the area)




IMG_3244 copy_2

Staying close to Nana Plaza is a good choice as there are many solid mid range hotel options available.



Legacy Express Sukhumvit

3-Star guest friendly hotel with 63 rooms.

Room rates start around $48.50 a night.

Rooms are 27 sq m and come with a safe, kettle and free WIFI.

Overall: This is a very good, clean consistent hotel and is only a short walk to Soi 4 Nana. It gets fully booked up often so that indicates a good place to stay. Also has recently been awarded a Tripadvisor certificate of excellence and has a very high 4 1/2 average review rating.

Tips: Book direct via this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 1699 baht for a night in May 2017 which represents good value).

Room prices are usually stable but do increase with higher occupancy rates, so reserve a room as far as possible in advance.


Hotel Solo Sukhumvit 2

4-star guest friendly hotel with 42 rooms.,

Rooms from around $54 a night.

Free WIFI, nice rooftop pool, quiet location. Very clean and well appointed rooms, above average service.

Overall: This place is popular and is one of the ‘best kept secret’ hotels. It gets fully booked up often (even in the low season) so book well in advance if you plan to stay here. There is a free tuk tuk shuttle service to drop you off close by. Many reviews are glowing with titles such as ‘don’t hesitate just book here!’

Tips: You must book in advance as far as possible because of this hotel’s popularity. Book direct via this agoda link for the best prices, I was quoted 1890 baht a night for a room in June 2017.



Nana Plaza, 3 floors of gogo bars.


The Dawin Nana 

4-Star guest friendly hotel with 53 rooms.

Room rates start from around $56 a night.

Free WIFI, Outdoor Swimming Pool.

Overall: The Dawin has many loyal repeat customers, so it usually gets booked up very fast. Spotlessly clean, great service, great food and it’s in a great location with the bars just a short stroll away. At this price point it’s a hard place to beat.

Tip: Book through this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 1979 baht a night in May 2017 which is excellent value).


The Landmark Bangkok

5-Star Luxury guest friendly hotel with 399 rooms.

Room rates start from around $125 a night.

Great facilities, and a nice choice of bars and restaurants on site. This hotel was recently refurbished which is a bonus.

Overall: First class service in one of the best locations, a great choice for a 5-star hotel right near Nana. (Interesting note: the owners of the Landmark Hotel own all the land around Soi 4 and therefore dictate the rents in the area)

Tips: You have to book in advance by at least a month or 2 for the best rates. I was quoted 4401 baht a night via this agoda link for a night in July 2017.


JW Marriot Hotel, Bangkok

5-Star Luxury guest friendly hotel with 441 rooms.

Room rates start from around $134 a night.

First class facilities and service to match.

Overall: I have it on good authority from the Thai girls on Soi 4 that ‘the rich guys always stay in the Marriott’ 🙂 It’s an outstanding hotel in a great location and if you have the money, and want to stay near Nana Plaza then don’t look any further and just book in here.

I was quoted 4708 baht a night for a room in May 2017 via this agoda link.



Also Consider these if your chosen hotel is fully booked:

Boss Suites Nana – a 3-Star, 100 room, guest friendly Hotel. Rooms from $40 a night.

Dynasty Grande Hotel – a 4-Star, 150 room, guest friendly Hotel. Rooms from $58 a night.

Majestic Grande Hotel – a 4-star, 251 room, guest friendly Hotel. Rooms from $87 (the standard price is 3026 baht a night). Very central location for the bars just behind the Rajah hotel.


There are a few 2 star hotels in the Soi 4 Nana area under $30 a night but I wouldn’t recommend staying in them as most are complete dumps. For budget travellers I will be completing a guide of much cheaper hotels soon for the Sukhumvit area.


Thank you for reading this article. I would appreciate your comments or feedback and I plan to revise and improve this list to keep it as up to date as possible.

Once again if you are considering booking a hotel anywhere in the world through or agoda then please consider using the links above (at no extra cost to yourself) as it would really help the YouTube channel and the running of this website. Thanks once again.


(Prices in $ Dollars were taken in July 2016)

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  1. andre myhre

    is park hotel (soi 7 bangkok) still in buisness?
    I am going to bangkok/pattaya in january and I usally stay att park hotel for a few days!

    1. Post
  2. dred paul

    Should we be worried bcos thai police and army is cracking down on sex industry.The recent raids on nataree massage are the proof .I was planning to visit bangkok this month particularly for soapies and gogos.Should i cancel my trip?
    If u r currently in bangkok then can u tell if the situation is good in bangkok for visiting soapies and gogos?

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Just a few dodgy bars and massage places got shut down so far, nothing to be concerned about. Everything is running as per usual in the main bar areas of Bangkok besides having to shut early on random nights (which does happen occasionally anyway). Thanks for your comment.

      1. Speetaman Arjani

        Why go to Nataree’s or other such soapy’s on Ratchada….Sukhumvit has its own share of Soapies and massage parlours…just for eg…Annies across from Soi Nana is ideal and have very nice and sexy lookers

  3. Rob

    Hey BK112,
    Just wondering are there any 2 bedroom suites available at a reasonable price per night?
    Or any hotels that have connecting rooms?
    Hope you ca get back to me asap…Looking to book by tomorrow.


  4. Speetaman Arjani

    What about the OMNI Towers Residences….this is on the same Soi as Nana Hotel and Nana Plaza. I have been staying here for the 3 times I have been to Bangkok. Their one bedroom suite is very good for the price around $70..Has a good restaurant for breakfast, near to 7/11 if you want anything and also has a small storre inside if you want to buy certain provisions.
    Do you have any reason to miss out this hotel?

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      OMNI Towers has very mixed reviews. Some rooms are full of cockroaches so I wouldn’t recommend staying there as cleanliness is very high on my requirement list. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Cmdr K

    First I want to say thank you for all your articles and videos. I’ll be visiting Bangkok next month and will be staying at the Chateau De Bangkok. Is there any advise you have for me about the area or the hotel? Thanks again.

  6. Justin

    Bro, thanks for all the great info. So I’m planning on a bkk visit early January. I prefer having a companion for a full 2 or 3 days for fun but also as a guide. Do u have recommendation or info on a good escort site, gogo bar or do I have a better deal getting a freelance. Thanks again,

  7. Michael Sandaers

    Like many have said before, thank you for the tremendous work you’ve done on this site and helping all of us out. I will be going to Bangkok for the first time in March coming from the US. I am looking for a hotel very close to Nana Plaza and very nice and clean and i’m looking to pay around $60 a night. Does that sound reasonable? I read somewhere that sometimes girls won’t go back to your hotel based on which one it is. Is that true?

    I’m going by myself as a birthday gift to myself and really looking forward to having a great time!

    1. Michael Sandaers

      Ok guys, I have just book my flight and hotel. I have decided to stay at the Dawin Bangkok Hotel. Very short walk to Nana and the BTS and it looks very nice from visiting the site.
      Really excited for the trip.I’ll be there the end of March..

      1. Post
  8. Raju

    Iam coming to bankok tomorrow can any one suggest i which place i will get prositutes and i heard that staying hotel itself will provide prostitutes for sex is that true if that is true please suggest me the hotel name

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      I don’t know which hotel you speak of as they would never openly advertise what you say. My advice is stay at the Nana Hotel my friend. The car park is full of freelancers, Nana Plaza is across the road and there are loads of bars and ladies around. Have a great trip 🙂

  9. Dee

    Bkk112 I’ll be going to be in Bkk for 5 days. Loved Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit last trip but wanted to be closer to Nana this time. Wanted JW Marriott but prices rose a bit much my time there. So need help choosing between Majestic Grande or Adelphi Suites. The reviews on MG seem mixed and Adelphi location isn’t as good to Nana. Which would u pick? Again Adelphi at soi 8 not so taking location out of the decision which one would be your choice?

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Depends when you are going. Right now (Jan 2017) the short cut from Majestic Grande to Soi 4 is closed off by the Rajah hotel so you have to go the long way around every time. Maybe choose the Adelphi if nothing else takes your fancy. Have a great trip 🙂

  10. Dee

    Ya when I was there September the shortcut was closed off due to construction. I was hoping it was now open but seems not. Is the Adelphi a good choice for a 4 star hotel near Nana? I got to admit I like the more swank side with hotels.

  11. frank

    I regularly watch your vlogs…Really nice…I would like to know the price of nana plaza freelancers and is it safe to hire freelancers in nana plaza and safe from getting busted by the police if i stay in nana hotel?Also i would look forward to see if you can vlog bangkoks chatuchak market as i felt yours are the best vlogs in youtube regarding vlogging of thailand places..

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      1200 baht short time is what I usually get quoted by the Nana hotel freelancers. It can be more or less depending on loads of factors such as your appearance & the time of night. Is it safe? Well, use common sense and you should be ok eg. hide your valuables if taking back to your hotel, don’t show off an expensive smartphone etc… Thanks for the suggestion about Chatuchak market, it’s on the list but I haven’t got round to it yet. Thanks for your comment and thanks to watch my YouTube channel 🙂

  12. Gokul


    I’m from India. I was wondering if i pick up girl in Soi cowboy will she be willing to walk till Nana plaza because i’ve booked room in Majestic suites. If she is not willing to walk what other options do i have for transport?

    Thanks in advance for you reply.

    1. Post

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