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LK Metro is a bar area in Pattaya, Thailand. It is an L-shaped street with a dozen or so gogo bars on it, and has regular bars and guesthouses mixed in for good measure.

I like going to LK Metro in Pattaya. The street has cheap booze, hot girls and a large selection of different gogo and regular bars along it.

Notice I said ‘like’ and not ‘love.’ See here’s the problem. I love going to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. I love Walking Street and Soi 6 in Pattaya, I only merely like LK Metro.



LK Metro seems to be missing the X factor in my opinion. Whenever I’ve been there the atmosphere feels kind of flat, like there’s is no excitement in the air. Nana Plaza has all the ladyboys you could ever dream of, Soi cowboy is a neon jungle full of pretty coyote girls, Soi 6 is full on and in your face, and Walking Street is a mad house with a full on assault on the senses.

LK Metro is tame in comparison. It is not famous for anything; there is nothing special here. The beers are cheap and the girls are pretty but there is no one bar or place that stands out as the place to go. The gogo bars all feel very clinical and are kind of missing the wow factor. I couldn’t really recommend one bar over another here as they all seem so similar.



The draught beers are dirt cheap with Tiger, Heineken, Asahi and more available all under 80 baht.



The street is too wide, all the gogo girls and staff park their motorbikes in front of the bars so it resembles a car park more than a premier bar area. There’s not much to look at anyway if you sit on the front of some of the bars (if they have seating). This can’t be said for the more well known, iconic places to drink at in Thailand.



The Billabong bar is located on the corner inside LK Metro, and is a popular place especially when there is live sport on. They claim to have 100 hostess girls on their books with 30-40 working daily.

When I was doing a bit of digging about the Billabong Bar about drink prices I found that Singha is 115 baht for 2 bottles (2pm-2am) and 70 baht each normally. As someone who is used to paying Bangkok bar prices I find this unbelievably cheap, almost to the point that Cheap Charlie’s need only apply.

Cheap drink availability might hold back the future of LK metro’s future development, as it could possibly be known as the gogo paradise for the Cheap Charlie brigade. To put the drink prices into perspective, I could drink one draught beer in every gogo bar on the street and my total spend would be under 1000 baht. Unbelievable!

The above video shows a walk around LK Metro in July 2015.




Of all the bars the Office has the strongest theme, with the sexy gogo girls inside dressed as scantily clad office workers!



This was another place with very cheap draught beer, the draught Tiger went down a treat on this night.




The location of LK metro isn’t the best. For a first time visitor to Pattaya it would be hard to find without a map or solid directions if you weren’t staying nearby. This can’t be said of Soi 6, 7, 8 and Walking Street which are very easy to get to. LK metro is located on Soi 13 Pattayasaisong (Soi Diana) and you have to walk a couple of minutes up the street to get to it.

One annoying thing about the gogo bars on LK Metro is they allow smoking inside. These bars are all relatively small, and mostly have doors and not curtains at the entrance meaning that if a bar is full of smokers then the smoke lingers in the air with nowhere to go. I wanted a draught Asahi in the ‘Paradise’ gogo bar one night, but as the security opened the door I was hit with an almighty waft of thick second hand smoke, I just told them no thanks the bar is far too smokey inside.

What is it with smokers? They always have to smoke ‘inside’ bars if allowed? It’s both selfish and ignorant anyone who smokes inside a bar in this day and age. Come on guys, is it really going to ruin your night to have a 5 minute fag outside a bar before entering.

The negative health aspects of passive smoking are conclusive so please do everyone a favour and refrain from smoking inside bars in Thailand! (RANT OVER)




There are a few guesthouses on LK Metro, and they are pretty cheap with rates starting at around 400 baht a night. This kind of holds back the potential of the bar area in my opinion and stops nightclubs operating here. The Walking Street Nightclubs are open until dawn usually, would you really want all the noise and drunken revelry right on your doorstep? Maybe it’s due to most of the gogo bars closing at 3am, which is pretty late so there seems to be nothing keeping you in the area other than a nearby guesthouse.

The LK Metro bar area has been dubbed the ‘New Walking Street.’ One thing that is noticeable here that is not on Walking street is the lack of Indians, Arabs and general family tourists. They just never end up here due to the location. So it does have an advantage of being a more discreet area for the gogo bar punters taking girls out of the bars.

I personally think it still needs some kind of unique bar or novelty to bring more people to the area to make it a premier bar area. I will still be visiting due to the hot girls and cheap beer, but I’m yet to be blown away and find it hard to recommend going here over Walking Street itself. It will be interesting to take photos and film in the upcoming high season to see the difference from the low season.

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    Excellent article, I live in Phuket and have just booked 10 days near LK Metro. Appreciate your unbiased honest opinion.
    thank you for the heads up.

    1. Post
  2. john

    It’s also worth noting that a lot of the girls have become quite picky and often don’t want to leave unless you pay top dollar. I’ve seen many girls hold out so that they can leave work and meet up with someone that they’ve met online at a pre agreed price. In fact some have told me this.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Thanks for the info Pal, I haven’t taken that many girls out of the LK Metro bars as I usually prefer the Walking Street gogos.

  3. John

    It’s very similar on WS too. Super baby bar fine is 1600 and Lt was quoted at 4000 with a caveat of leaving at 8am. I’m early 30’s look and dress well and don’t drink much, yet I really struggle to find anyone up for LT in the gogo’s. Pattaya is definately changing, you need some serious bucks to play with the top girls.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      If you’re after long time then the beer bars are much better value, but obviously the girls are not as good looking as the gogos. That LT caveat of leaving at 8am in the morning just feels so clinical to me. There are always the nightclubs where you can strike gold sometimes, but it can be hit and miss.

  4. Wolf

    I’d recommend Champagne. Always crowded, has some good shows, ladies not pushy – met my girl here.
    Kaos is a new place, small, but not pricey – ringing the bell only cost 500 baht. Queen has a lot of big breasts, but guilty of your smoking complaint. Others I’ve been to not impressed including the Office. LK is a little harder to get to, but beats the “rat race” on Walking St.

    Speaking of which, you said you were going to review Irons – found them to have the best show over all the agogos I’ve visited. I’ve not been to the Palace only because my girl moved to Sweethearts next door (great place if you like Rock music) – met my “little” girl there for a threesome. Will check the Palace out this winter.

    Another all time fav – Sapphires on soi 15, know the owner, great mamasen, and tons of girls – decent prices for Walking St area.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hi Wolf. Thanks for your input from the LK Metro bars. The Palace review is coming soon and I just finished the Iron Club review (spoiler – it was good!). Sapphires is another gogo on my list to review but sometimes it seems like there are just too many good bars and not enough time in Pattaya! 🙂

  5. Robert

    Thanks BKK 112,

    LK Metro sounds like a change of pace area, when you want to chill out a little from the more the red hot spots. Great review, I got to read more of your reviews.

  6. Tobbe

    “One annoying thing about the gogo bars on LK Metro is they allow smoking inside”

    The quote is from the post above. I am with you completely about this and I personally have a big problem with cigarette smoke because of being overly sensitive to some smells and cigarette smoke is really bad for me.

    I am coming to Thailand and Pattaya for the very first time in my life in two weeks, and looking forward to it a lot of course! Will it be possible to find places with girls, like go go-bars where people will not smoke cigarettes? You mentioned LK Metro so I wonder if the problem with smoking allowed inside the bars is specific for this street or will the problem be the same everywhere, like in the clubs in Walking street also for example? Any tips for getting along in Pattaya without being overly exposed to cigarette smoke? Thanks!

  7. Davey

    Hi great article once again , ive spent many happy hours in LK metro over the years its like a gentle introduction to the scene. If I have a newbie with me its generally Ladylove go go first the shower show usually does the trick!! the drinks are cheap so you can afford to buy the girls a few ,, its amazing how different an experience you have for the price of a few lady drinks. its also worth mentioning that around the corner on soi Diana there is a newish bar called Area 51 its sort of a coyote bar but bar fine was 1000b in Dec when i was there and the girls are very nice . LT was 2000b after 12 midnight. I had to kick her out of the hotel at 2pm the next day !
    also a lot of the go go girls around LK metro will try and get you to take them drinking up on 3rd road (mainly thai drinking establishments ) just say your not taking them up on 3rd road before you barfine them and all will be well , thanks again look forward to more

  8. Allan

    Hi m8. I.m staying in the Premier inn this visit. Will be my way time near lk and bukao any tips. And have you been near premier inn. Love your blogs and vlogs . cheers bigmac.

  9. Chas

    Hi, i cut to chase can u recommend the best hotel for an age 55+ brit/oz to go in first week this october, lady friendly. Sort of between beach and 2nd rd or soi bukhao. I have read ur reviews on pattaya blue sky and ibis etc. I want a real comfy room and want a bath and around 2000 baht night but i can go up or down.. i need to rest up in a nice place. What’s your favourite. A friend said the dynasty on soi 13 seems ok. Or nature view, opey de place in soi bukao area. I usually go phuket but giving pattaya a shot. Last time i was there 23 years ago stayed at basic then, carlton hotel on 2nd road but thats basically a lifetime ago. Thanks

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      I stayed in the Carlton a couple of times about 5 years ago. Now they have changed the name and haven’t maintained it at all so it’s falling apart at the seams!

      From what you say I think the Areca Lodge would be a good fit for what you are after (they have bathtubs too). It’s on Soi Diana opposite LK Metro and close to Second Road and Soi Buakhao. Rooms start at around 1800 baht a night. You might have left it too late as the rooms get snapped up fast usually.

      Failing that then probably book a superior room to the basic ones given from this list and you’ll be fine.

      Have a great trip man 🙂

  10. guy

    too many guys only visit walking street and never make it out this way, not only is there a lot to offer in lk metro but the soi’s nearby are very worth exploring

  11. Stefan Johansson

    I like LK Metro alot, stayed many times in Pasadena Lodge, but now there is so many GoGo’s that disturb my beauty sleep.. 🙂
    Areca Lodge is a perfect stay.. I will go to Pattaya 1 march 2017 again. Happy to see i booked your favvo hotel.. D Hotel Pattaya! So then i know irt will be great.
    Many times i go to Walking Street.. its ok.. but all the fuzz make me head back to the area of LK Metro/Soi Diana/ Soi Buakao.
    Not so many russians and arabs/indian around.. sorry to say.
    This upcoming trip I will take a close up check on Soi 6.. and the area between Buakao and 2nd road/soi 7-8.
    Mai pen rai.. im sure I will have a great time in Pattaya as always..and some Bangkok. 🙂
    Thanks Bangkok 112 for your videos and pics, and all info. Even tho i been in Pattaya 9 times.. I get great tips from you! Cheers (Singha on me if i see you 🙂 )

  12. John Doe

    Just try Champagne agogo. No list menu with price and when you received the bill, the Chang is 160 baths. Little expensive I think. 10 girls on stage but no topless. Bf is 800 to 1200. Don’t ask price girl but definitely not a good value for me.

  13. Shaun G

    For those people who hate smoking ( I hate cigarette smoke also ) I am sure there are two a go-go’s in LK Metro that are non-smoking, I think “Sugar Sugar” is one. There is one more.
    The Office is/was popular because of very friendly dte girls are relatively cheap bar fines, but I have not been to LK since July 2015.

    Billabong Bar was always a good choice, cute, pretty and natural girls, good if you prefer more sweet type gals, some go go bar types are very stuck up. Bar fine was 700- 1000 there.

    I will check out LK again when I am back in Pattaya in March 2017. I want to check out a place called “Waterwall Bar”, looks interesting. Will post review here.

  14. Shaun G

    Just to clarify a point, “Sugar Sugar” go-go in LK Metro is definitely non-smoking. Another place called “Club Blue” is non smoking also but I never heard of this.

  15. Stefan Johansson

    Replay to myself..
    I was in thar corner yesterday, march 1 2017.
    No Blue Bar. Its a big open bar there now..

  16. Shaun G

    Ok Stefan, thanks for info. Now I’m hearing Sugar Sugar IS a smoking go go since November 2016. Guess I’ll have to go and see for myself when I’m back in Pattaya in two weeks time.

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