Patong’s Best Hotels – $15-40+ a night

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Patong has some great hotel options in the $15-40+ range. This is a list of my personal favourites, I’ve stayed at most of these and would recommend them to anyone.

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NB. All the hotels below are ‘guest friendly’ meaning there are no girl joiner fees if you stay in a room alone. Make sure to check 2 in the people staying in the room when booking to be safe.



Bangla Road, my advice is to stay as close to here as possible.


Location is the number one thing I look for when booking Patong hotels. My number one rule is to only book hotels within walking distance of Bangla Road. It can be a complete nightmare getting around Patong using mototaxis, tuk tuks and taxis as the whole Phuket transport system is controlled by the mafia which translates to higher and often extortionate prices.

I once nearly had a fight with a tuk tuk guy who wouldn’t agree to give me any change from a 500 baht note given (the trip was agreed at 200 baht). Trust me, relying on these crooks daily to transport you around will leave a sour taste from your trip. So the closer your hotel is to Bangla Road the better your holiday will be in Patong.

There are some very nice hotels in Patong, competitively priced, but they are in terrible locations for getting around. The last thing you want to do is have to walk long distances in the scorching heat, or be forced to hire a motorbike because your hotel is in the middle of nowhere. 

Cleanliness is also very high on my priorities as I always want zero hassle from creepy crawlies in my room. Facilities (swimming pool / fitness centre) are a bonus but not essential to me as I spend most of my time in Patong drinking in the bars, sleeping or recovering from hangovers 🙂

So here is my solid list of the best Patong hotels starting in the $15-40 range. I have recommended these places to many friends over the years who come and stay in the area. Prices are from low to high and are quoted in $ Dollars for clarity.


Patong has 3 distinct seasons for hotel prices and they vary much more than Pattaya or Bangkok as the low season in Phuket can be a washout with thunderstorms and persistent rain. So Patong Hotels rely almost entirely on having a busy high season where they put up room prices dramatically to make their money.

Low Season – May to October (Rainy season)

Mid Season – November, March, April

High Season – December, January & February.


At a glance:

Amici Miei Hotel from $13 low season / $50 high season

Adonis Guest house from $15.50 low season / $37 high season

Ocean and Ole Patong Hotel from $16 low season / $44 high season

ACCA Patong Hotel from $22.50 low season / $62 high season

Summer Breeze Hotel from $27 low season / $48 high season

Orchid Resortel from $27 low season / $48 high season

Seacono Boutique Hotel from $29 low season / $62 high season

The Yorkshire Hotel from $29 low season / $61 high season




A map of the locations of these hotels in relation to Patong Beach, Bangla Road and Jungceylon Shopping mall.



Amici Miei Hotel

A 3-star, guest friendly hotel with 18 rooms.

Room rates start from around $13 low season / $50 high season.

This is an Italian ran boutique hotel. The rooms are spacious, clean and and come with small balconies. Fast free WIFI in the rooms with a separate server for each floor. The location is 10 minutes walk to Bangla road, and 15 minutes to the beach.

Overall: One of my favourite places to stay in Patong. Cheap rooms, but they are clean and spacious with balconies which you don’t often get at this price. Nice and quiet at night as it’s away from the bar areas.

The compromise is the location and the lack of facilities. You will have to walk a bit staying here but its not too far from any of the main places. I stayed a couple of nights extra at Amici Miei as I particularly liked the spacious room and the quietness of the hotel, plus the WIFI was solid. I paid 1000 baht a night in March 2016 which is the mid season and thought it was good value.

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link to get the best prices. For December 2017 I was quoted 1375 baht for a night which is good value for the time of year.

It’s worth noting that as I was checking in November 2017 Amici Miei is fully booked. It’s a popular place so reserve a room as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.


Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 01.45.38

My room at Amici Miei. I had a nice large room with a balcony and was fine with the 10 minute stroll to Bangla Road.


Adonis Guest house

A 2-star, guest friendly place with 16 rooms.

Room rates start from around $15.50 low season / $37 high season.

Spacious, clean rooms with free super fast WIFI. The whole place is a little tired but for this price point you can’t complain. They have a garden terrace. 5 mins walk to Bangla Road and 10 mins at most to the beach. The cul-de-sac location means it is quiet at night. They have a security barrier for vehicles to pass through to the road which is good for safety if you are parking a motorbike outside.

Overall: A great place to stay for the location and price. Rooms sizes are larger than average for the area. Nice, friendly accommodating staff. The only negatives I can think of is there’s no swimming pool or fitness centre, and the ‘guest house’ feel to the place might not be to everyone’s taste. I paid 1000 baht a night in March 2016 and would rate it as good value.

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link for the best insider deals (I was quoted 1221 baht for a night in January 2018 which is excellent value).


Summer Breeze Hotel

A 3-star, guest friendly hotel with 21 rooms.

Room rates start from around $27 low season / $48 high season.

Great location, clean rooms, nice restaurant downstairs and glowing reviews all round. The lack of a lift and swimming pool count against it a bit, but it’s still a solid choice all round and perfect for the Bangla Road bars.

Tip: Book your room through this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 1224 baht for a room in November 2017 which is competitive value for the area).

Additionally, have a beer with the nice American owner Mark, he’s a great guy 🙂




The Tiger Complex on Bangla Road, only 5 minutes walk from Adonis Guest House. All these hotels are within walking distance of Bangla Road.


Ocean and Ole Patong Hotel

A 3-star, guest friendly hotel with 25 rooms.

Room rates start from around $16 low season / $44 high season.

A very popular cheap boutique hotel in a great location. Free WIFI in the rooms, and a small swimming pool on the roof.

Overall: Clean budget hotel with friendly and helpful staff. Many guests either extend their stay here or return on following trips due to excellent value for money.

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link for the best insider deals (I was quoted 1465 baht a night in December 2017).

This hotel gets fully booked up often so reserve a room far in advance if possible.


ACCA Patong Hotel

A 3-star, guest friendly hotel with 36 rooms.

Room rates start from around $20.50 low season / $62 high season.

A good, clean budget hotel that is in a good location close to the beach, Bangla Road and the big shopping mall. small but well appointed clean rooms, with very fast in room free WIFI. Many street food carts are close by, as well as small restaurants and convenience stores.

Overall: ACCA is a very clean Boutique Hotel in a central location that is hard to beat. Many return visitors book again here due to the very clean rooms that still carry budget prices. The service is very good here.

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link  for the best insider deals – I was quoted 1091 baht a night in December 2017 which is good value for the location.



The white sands of Patong Beach. If your chosen hotel doesn’t have a swimming pool then no worries as the clear waters are within walking distance.


Orchid Resortel – video above is my stay in 2016

A 3-star, guest friendly hotel with 48 rooms.

Room rates from around $28 low season / $47 high season.

Clean rooms, great location and good value all round. This hotel is not as noisy as some of the others on Soi Sansabai which is a big plus for me. Small rooftop swimming pool, sun deck and sauna. Nice restaurant at the front with excellent Thai food.

Tip: Orchid Resortel is good value to book over November / December / January because the room rates don’t increase as steeply as other nearby hotels. 1320 baht ($39) was the price for a room via this agoda link when I checked in November 2017.



The Tiger Complex of beer bars and dancing ladies is only 5 minutes walk away from most of these hotels.


Seacono Boutique Hotel

A 3-star, guest friendly hotel with 32 rooms.

Room rates from around $29 low season / $62 high season.

A nice, solid boutique hotel with uniquely designed rooms with vibrant colours. Nice rooftop pool and lounge bar. The 24 sq m Superior rooms are clean and well appointed. Excellent location in the middle of Soi Sansabai, Bangla Road is only a 2-3 minute stroll away, as is the main shopping mall and the beach is a mere 7-8 minute walk.

Overall: This hotel receives many repeat customers and very good reviews for a reason. It’s a great budget choice all round for a Patong Hotel.

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 1532 baht a night in the high season for Jan 2018 which represents good value for the time of year).


Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 22.09.21

My room at the Yorkshire Hotel, clean and functional. This is a popular hotel so reserve a room far in advance if possible.


The Yorkshire Hotel

A 3-star, guest friendly hotel with 61 rooms.

Room rates start from around $29 low season / $61 high season.

A hotel with clean, functional rooms very close to Bangla Road. The fitness centre here is second to none (if you are into gyms then you can’t do better than this), it has a nice swimming pool and bar lounge area plus a sauna. Free WIFI in the room and room service is available 8:30am-10:30pm. A nice restaurant / bar with decent food and they show all major sporting events. The service is very prompt and efficient here.

Overall: The Yorkshire Hotel rooms are much sought after by many repeat guests and it gets fully booked out often (especially in the high season) so reserve a room as far in advance as possible.

The location is the best, the gym is the best, it has a pool and bar / restaurant, free WIFI in the rooms, its clean too and there are so many positives for this place. The only downside I can think of is some of the rooms are on the small side, like the one I booked in the video. But its not a deal breaker as you get amazing facilities, close to the action for an affordable price. I paid 1400 baht for one night when I stayed in March 2016 and loved the facilities and location of this hotel.

Tip: For the best rates book direct through this agoda link (I was quoted 1000 baht a night in the low season, and 2116 baht in the high season). If you can afford it, just book a larger more expensive room with a window here and forget about everywhere else.

Room rates increase here at the start of November for the high season.



Also consider:




My Superior room at the Gig hotel, 36 sq m.


Gig Hotel (NOT GUEST FRIENDLY NOW – my former number 1 choice)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Gig hotel is a strange place in that they change their guest friendly policy to coincide with the high season. They charge a 1000 baht girl joiner fee from November to March/Apr. Now I only recommend staying here if you are checking in with a girlfriend.

4-star, non guest friendly hotel with 125 rooms.

Room rates from around $34 low season / $120 high season (massive variation!)

Newly opened in February 2016. Gig hotel has good facilities, clean spacious rooms, and an amazing rooftop swimming pool and lounge bar.

Overall: I’ve now stayed here, and was my new favourite hotel in Patong. The swimming pool was great, I thought I was dreaming when I was swimming around at sunset.

Great central location close to Bangla road, the beach and the big shopping mall. Spacious clean rooms and good modern facilities, including a brand new fitness centre and rooftop pool. The service is average here as it is a newish hotel, also the WIFI wasn’t the fastest but it still works.

Pricing: Rooms here are normally around 3128 baht ($90) per night if you book close to the date you are staying (October 2016). However, if you book ahead by at least a couple of weeks you can get rooms for just 2106 baht in for November and early December 2016 which is excellent value for money!

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link for the best insider deals. This hotel is becoming very popular so reserve a room as far in advance as possible.




Gig hotel rooftop pool at sunset. Hang around here and all your problems will drift away…


Elegancy Sansabai Hotel (NOT GUEST FRIENDLY AS OF LATE MARCH 2017)

A 3-star, hotel with 76 rooms. Lady joiner fees are 500 baht here now.

Room rates start from around $25 low season / $43 high season.

A new hotel as of 2016 with clean, 20 sq m well appointed rooms. There is a great pool on the roof with sun deck. The central location is fantastic here with just a 2 minute walk to Bangla Road, and there is even a 7-Eleven directly opposite.

Tip: The cheapest rooms are windowless, it is only slightly more expensive to book a window room (worth it in my opinion).

Book direct through this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 891 baht a night in the low season and 1527 baht in the high season).

Room rates are very reasonable here for the high season, not increasing as much as neighbouring hotels. (don’t confuse this hotel with Elegancy Bangla as they are 2 completely different hotels)


BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel & Serviced Apartment – 4-star serviced apartments. If you have the money to burn and like staying in serviced apartments then look no further than this place. 5 star reviews everywhere, the smallest apartment is massive at 65 sq m and the service here is second to none.

Prices are obviously high to match and apartments were $135 in the low season and $222 in the high season (I was quoted 4737 baht / 7796 baht for in the low / high season).

Tip: Book your room through this agoda link for the best prices.



Thank you for reading this article. I would appreciate your comments or feedback and I plan to revise and improve this list to keep it as up to date as possible.


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(Prices in $ Dollars were taken in August 2016. If you book a hotel close to the date you stay then the prices might be higher)