Pattaya Guide 2016/17

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A Pattaya Interactive Google Map.

Tips: Press the top right to make the map full screen. Click the red tick boxes on the left to activate and deactivate different layers of the map.

Note this map will never be ‘finished’ and will be updated as places change.

Navigate using the different layers and you can search the map too using keywords.

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  1. sunderland stephen

    Excellent . Without giving it more than a quick check know it will be good knowledgeable info . There’s a guy doing this for Bangkok and charging for it . Quite frankly wouldn’t have his if he paid me , certainly not qualified to recommend or comment on the bar scene .

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      1. Sasha

        I agree with Stephen. The kid running his Bangkok guide really isn’t informed and his skills are…lacking. Great work on this and very much look forward to seeing your Bangkok guide.

  2. Mike

    As a devoted subscriber i have to say you rock.

    I recently spent 10 days i pattaya and visited many places,soi6,lk metro,walking street,soi 7 and 8,soapys and though readig and seeing all you publish i cant remember you mentioning anything about Shooters on soi 7?

    In my opinion that club puts all the rest at shame,the girls party harder then on any of the other clubs and will guaranteed give you a night you will never forget.

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      Bangkok 112

      Shooters bar Soi 7 is on the map. I’ve been there before, had one drink and left (I probably went on an off night). I’ll revisit next time I’m in town 🙂 Thanks for your suggestion and thanks for the comment.

  3. Praveen Sawant

    Hi Sir,

    Could you please let me know where will I find girls in Pattaya who is ready to do BBBJ?
    Which blowjob bar or which club would I find such girls?

    P. S. Love your videos and articles…. Really very insightful and helpful… Keep it up!!!

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