Pattaya Walking Street – after midnight



So recently I went to Pattaya Walking Street for some drinks very late. Only this time I took some photos for the website, as well as making a nice Youtube VLOG too. All of these photos were taken between midnight and 5am in mid October 2015:


IMG_0564It’s not the high season yet, but the street is still pretty busy for mid October.




IMG_0465A guy is involved in a dispute over a bar bill. The tourist police are quickly on the scene, he protests his innocence.




IMG_0460His powers of persuasion are not working though, 5 police officers (yes FIVE!) eventually convince him it’s in his best interests to use to ATM to pay his tab. A trip to the Police Station over a small bill will inevitably cost more in both money and hassle. ‘Pay and Walk’ my friend, ‘Pay and Walk’.




IMG_0484Meanwhile, at the Hot Tuna Bar, a classic rock band are banging out classic after classic of rock hits. ‘Still got the blues’ by Gary Moore is a showstopper, with many people passing by stopping to listen to the epic track.




IMG_0492As ‘Still got the blues’ echoes all around a western gentleman slumps down onto the floor. He has the unmistakeable look of hopelessness and helplessness written on his face. I wonder what happened to him? Pattaya can be an unforgiving place for some people.





IMG_0470A rather tall but playful ladyboy shares a joke with a passerby.


IMG_0471This ladyboy was looking good on this evening. Two guys have strategically sat down right behind, their eyes transfixed by all the ladyboys.




IMG_0497Greeter girls wait outside the bars in anticipation of fresh customers.



IMG_0495A guy passes a ladyboy bar, and does an instant 90 degree head turn to eye up what’s inside.



IMG_0512You don’t have to stroll far to get to the next bar. Crazy House, Living Dolls 1 and XO Club are all right next to each other.



IMG_0507Blue Sky III is another bar that has decent live rock music playing.


IMG_0499Nice shorts Miss (I like your hair too), but your card is a bit exposed in your right butt-cheek pocket 🙂



IMG_0539A really cute looking girl holds a white rose outside The Iron Club. I wonder who gave it to her?


IMG_0536Another tall, hip-swinging ladyboy on walking street. I think this one just came back from a short-time hotel.


IMG_0516Tight shorts are the fashion in a walking street at the moment, some are pulled up so high there is not much left to the imagination.



IMG_0648I wonder what happens on Soi BJ? 🙂


IMG_05132 Guys are deep into their late night drinking session, slumping down to eat their much needed kebabs.



IMG_0578My favourite bar frontage in all of Pattaya is the Skyfall bar, it just looks so shiny and nice.


IMG_0590Skyfall is also stocked to the brim of hot girls. There are no 80 draught beers on offer here, as the bar caters for guys with more money to burn.



IMG_0617It’s getting late, around 4am. But there are still plenty of people around.


IMG_0614It’s been a relatively quiet night for the tourist police. There are normally a few fights and minor disputes around the bars every night in walking street. 99% of the time the tourist police show up after all the action, and have to mop up the mess left behind.



IMG_0635Inside marine disco, a guy slumps down on a table. Jet lag, too much booze, or maybe both?


IMG_0591These beer bars have no dancers on the poles when I came past earlier. I would have ventured in for a beer if they had a few nice sexy dancers to look at, but the girls are sometimes shy to dance, or they dance wearing conservative clothing.
IMG_0655The street food vendors usually come out around 3am. I’m not a seafood fan, but the offerings look really juicy.


IMG_0659Next to Pattaya is the city of Chonburi, a major fishing port. It’s therefore no surprise that the Seafood around here is so good.


IMG_0668At the 808 Club, they have completely sold out of Singha for the evening! A good sign the place is doing a healthy trade. I settle for a Tiger beer before retiring for the evening.


It was a another very enjoyable evening in Walking Street, Pattaya. There will be a full action packed Pattaya VLOG from this evening (estimated time of being published is 17 Oct 15) and hopefully it will compliment all these photos to give a nice overview of my fun filled evening out.

Thank you for viewing, make sure to bookmark the website and check back regularly as there will be more regular updates coming soon this month. Follow me on Twitter for the very latest releases. And be sure to check out the latest Youtube Videos from Bangkok 112.




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  1. King Epic

    Great idea to compliment your videos with this blog! The beer bars with the long alley, I’m surprised they didn’t have girls dancing on the pole. When I was there earlier this year, it was packed with girls and there were pool tables at the very end.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hopefully the website and videos will go hand in hand. About the beer bars, it’s always nice to have a few girls dancing around. I’m looking forward to going back there once the high season comes around 🙂 Thanks for your comment Mr Epic, you are the first one!

  2. Sean

    Excellent vlogs on Youtube show me new places to check out. Counting down 9 days till I’m there 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    1. Post
  3. Bama in TX

    Thanks for all of the update…Never been to Thailand but on my bucket list… I go to China on a regular basis for family travel… I have several questions such as best time to go, how you can tell the “regular bars” from the ladyboy bar (I want a women…lol), prices… And really looking to stay a couple of days in Bangkok then go to Pattaya for a few day…. Best place to stay at each…. Just general info… Thanks again for sharing and educating….

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Thanks for your comment. This site is still new so hopefully in the future it can grow to be a useful resource and answer most of the very good questions you raise. Thank you for viewing.

  4. Kasra

    Thx for your information.
    Now I’m sure, when I arrive Pattaya at am 2:00, I don’t need to worry where to drink, eat and play 😉

  5. Anand

    Hi Bangkok112 , am traveling to pattaya at mid of oct ’16.
    At walking street if I wanna go strop clubs with minimum budget which would be the best bar?
    Please suggest ?

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hey Anand, for strip clubs (known as gogo bars) on Walking Street if you are trying to save money then it will be hard as most are expensive. Look for the bars with draught beer for 80 baht a glass and take it from there. Enjoy your travels 🙂

  6. Yaiyao Thai

    I used to live in Pattaya, Jomtien to be exact, its overrated – I had been going to Thailand for over 20+ years and lived there as well, used to be really good 20 years ago, now…all about the buck, Thais used to never consider robbing a foreigner as it was bad for business and tourism, but not anymore – don’t waste your time, going there. There is a saying in Thailand Thai Rak Thai (Thais love Thais) They truly don’t like the foreigner, but the tolerate them for only one reason $$$$ god forbid you have a problem with a Thai, as a foreigner…you won’t win the argument …. Thai females aren’t faithful, even if they agree to be with you they have 10-20 other guys on the hook, emailing all of them for funds, telling them they are the only one….don’t believe it. There are plenty of better places to visit. Just a WARNING TO ALL YOU NEWBIES!

  7. Matt

    Hey Bangkok 112 ,

    you’re doing fantastic job by this blog and vlog as well… I was watching movies you post in youtube these days and found out this blog just now… great work!!

    this year, all May I spent in Thailand ( Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya ) , wish to discover your materials before – I realize now that I waisted my time in Pattaya – f.e. I didn’t know about soapy massage hehe… next time, I ‘ ll have to try !

    you’re like profesor of Thai’s nightlife lol … how did you get your knowledge? are you living in Thailand or just visit it so often??

    once again… great job !! 🙂


  8. LastJude

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