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Pattaya has some amazing hotels in the $50+ range. Unfortunately, there are so many places it can be hard to choose the best ones. This is a list of my personal favourites, I’ve stayed at some of these and would recommend them to anyone.

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NB. All the hotels below are ‘guest friendly’ meaning there are no girl joiner fees if you stay alone. Make sure you check 2 in the people staying in the room when booking.

As these hotels are in the $50+ category there is almost no problems with cleanliness, or lack of facilities.

All of these hotels are located centrally, and are great for getting to the main bar areas of Pattaya.  

So here is my solid list of the best Pattaya hotels in the $50+ range. I have recommended these places to many friends over the years who come and stay in the area. Prices are from low to high and are quoted in $ Dollars for clarity.



At a glance:

Penthouse from $50 [Wild card]

Areca Lodge from $54

LK The Empress from $61

Siam @ Siam Design from $72 [best rooftop pool]

Mera Mare from $85

Baraquda by Sofitel from $95

Holiday Inn from $106

AVANI Resort & Spa from $106

Hilton from $180 [best ocean views]


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 18.51.54_2

Locations of the hotels in this guide compared to the 4 main bar areas of Pattaya




Penthouse [WILD CARD HOTEL – arguably the number 1 Adult Themed Hotel in the world!]

A 3-star, guest friendly hotel with 50 rooms.

Room rates start from around $50.

32 sq m rooms, all different and uniquely designed. Great central location only a 3 minute walk to Walking Street, and a 1 minute stroll to the beach. Swimming pool and 24 hour room service.

This adult themed hotel unbelievably has 2 gogo bars attached, ‘Kitten Club’ (lady gogo bar) and ‘Obsession’ (ladyboy gogo bar).

Overall: There’s porn playing non-stop on the TVs, dirty magazines everywhere, erotic pictures on the walls etc.. you can only be in ‘The Penthouse hotel’ – Pattaya. This is a hotel tailor made for male solo travellers and adventurous couples and its a complete one off, and needs to be seen to be believed.

The Penthouse is a little rough around the edges, but that is not why you book a room here. This is such a unique place that its more of an experience than a regular hotel, and you will most certainly remember your stay for the rest of your life. It can be a full on place so it’s not for the faint hearted! 🙂

Tip: Reserve a more expensive room as they have more features, such as large jacuzzis, mirrored walls, stripper poles and even sex swings! 😉

Book direct through this agoda link for the best room rates (I was quoted 1707 for a room in April 2017)


Areca Lodge (next to LK Metro, very popular with repeat customers)

A 3-star, guest friendly hotel with 216 rooms.

Room rates start from around $54.

Spacious, clean rooms with free WIFI. 2 nice swimming pools onsite and a fitness centre. Located on Soi Diana close to LK Metro gogo bar area.

Overall: There is a reason Areca Lodge has many repeat visitors who only ever stay here, it is a very solid hotel that does a lot of things right. The location is very good, close to Soi Buakhao with many inexpensive bars and restaurants around. LK Metro is virtually on the doorstep, but the hotel is still quiet at night.

I’ve stayed here before and I thought the place was clean and well run. Many beer bars are close by on Soi Diana, and getting around Pattaya is easy from here.

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 1900 baht for a night in June 2017 which represents great value for what you get). Areca Lodge often gets fully booked in advance so book as far ahead in advance as you can to avoid disappointment.


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 20.46.18_2

The Areca Lodge, a place to stay that many solo visitors swear by – they must be doing something right


LK The Empress (Beachfront hotel, superb value breakfast)

A 4-star, guest friendly hotel with 131 rooms.

Room rates start from around $61.

Located directly on Beach road close to Mike Shopping Mall. Spacious, clean rooms with free WIFI.  Nice swimming pool and fitness centre.

Overall: Great hotel in a fantastic location right on the beach, Walking Street is only 1km away. It’s close enough to the action but at night is quiet. Service is good here, the rooms are starting to look a little dated but it’s not a deal breaker. Many repeat visitors simply book in here for the entire stay in Pattaya as it ticks all the boxes.

The breakfast buffet here is arguably the best for the price in Pattaya, 220 baht for walkin customers in August 2016.

Tip: Book direct online through this agoda link for the best insider deals prices (I was quoted 2137 baht a night for a room including the amazing breakfast for May 2017).


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 20.44.16_2

The facade of LK The Empress, you have the option to sit on the front or inside for the breakfast buffet


Siam @ Siam Design (agoda award winning hotel!)

A 4-star, guest friendly hotel with 268 rooms.

Room rates start from around $72.

Clean, spacious rooms decked out in a trendy style with free WIFI. 2 rooftop infinity pools and a big fitness centre onsite. Located on second road opposite a nice shopping mall with a cinema. Around 3 minutes walk to the beach and 5 minutes to Soi 6.

Overall: Siam @ Siam Design has the WOW factor in spades! Arguably Pattaya’s best 4 star hotel, it won an agoda award in 2015 with good reason. The 2 rooftop infinity pools are unbeatable, and worth visiting just for a cocktail even if you are not staying there.

Rooms are clean and spacious, and the great service rivals 5-star places. Glowing reviews online with many satisfied customers recommending this hotel. The location is away from the bar areas on second road meaning the hotel is quiet at night.

Tips: The walk in rate as of early 2017 was 3500 baht, so any price under this online is a good deal. They have 5 fast lifts so requesting a high up room is a good idea.

Book direct online through this agoda link for the best prices (rooms start at 2524 baht a night April 2017 onwards which is excellent value).

Make sure to reserve a room as far in advance as possible, as it gets fully booked up even in the low season (as I am typing this I’m trying to check room prices for this weekend but it’s completely full!)



Mera Mare

A 4-star, guest friendly hotel with 80 rooms.

Room rates start from around $85

Modern, spotlessly clean 35 sq m rooms, very well appointed. Very nice swimming pool and fitness centre onsite. Super fast in room WIFI, excellent service and nice restaurant with the lovely ‘Pastry Addiction’ coffee shop on the front.

Overall: This hotel is relatively new and opened in Feb 2016. So far almost every review is glowing for this hotel with many touting it as a 5-star in disguise. Great location on Beach Road, close to Soi 6, Soi 7 & 8 and a short baht bus ride to Walking Street. Many visitors have stated this is now their only place to stay when in Pattaya.

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 3001 baht for a room in May 2017)


Baraquda by Sofitel (5-star, uniquely designed hotel)

A 5-star, guest friendly hotel with 72 rooms.

Rooms rates start from around $95.

37 sq m clean, and contemporary rooms appointed in the usual 5-star standard from Sofitel. Swimming pool, fitness centre, free WIFI and a rooftop sunset bar.

Overall: A great 5-star hotel choice with a great rooftop bar and nice swimming pool. Of all the Pattaya hotels the service here is considered the best as the staff really go out of their way to make your stay more comfortable.

Tip: Book direct online through this agoda link for the best rates (I was quoted 3336 baht for a room in May 2017). Also they have floor to ceiling mirrors on the wall adjacent to the bed 😉


Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 20.47.41_2

The imposing Holiday Inn – Pattaya as viewed from Soi 6.


Holiday Inn

A 4-star, guest friendly hotel with a massive 567 rooms.

Room rates start from around $106.

Ocean views from the balconies of every single room. 4 outdoor swimming pools and a fitness centre. Located on the beach at the far end of Beach Road meaning it is quiet at night.

Overall: This enormous Holiday Inn property is a great choice if it falls in your price bracket. Very nice ocean views. Ideally suited for pretty much every type of visitor to Pattaya.

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 3707 baht for a room in March 2017). Make sure to book in advance as the room rates go up steeply closer to when you stay. Also, this Holiday Inn has some amazing ocean view suites that are worth checking out if you feel like dropping $300+ on a room 🙂



Marriot Resort & Spa (now rebranded as AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa)

A 5-star, guest friendly hotel with 298 rooms.

Room rates start from around $106

Nice 38 sq m rooms, well appointed to AVANI standards. There is a large swimming pool and great fitness centre onsite. The main entrance lobby area is from Second Road, but there is also a small garden entrance directly on Beach Road.

Overall: This AVANI is like a tropical garden oasis slap bang in the middle of Pattaya. It’s a great choice of hotel, at night the area is very quiet, and probably has the best location of any of the hotels in this list which makes getting around easy.

Tip: This hotel has a very liberal guest friendly policy, and allows up to 3 guests with no extra charge. So it’s a good choice if you fancy an orgy 🙂

Book direct through this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 3734 baht for a room in June 2017).


Hilton (Iconic 5-star hotel with unbeatable sea room views)

A 5-star, guest friendly hotel with 302 rooms.

Room rates start from around $180.

Larger than average 46 sq m well appointed rooms, every single one has a balcony with jaw dropping sea views.

Located centrally on Beach road, the Hilton is built on top of Central festival shopping mall, this is what gives it such an elevated position in the Pattaya skyline.

The regular hotel restaurant ‘Edge’ is amazingly on the 14th floor, the infinity swimming pool ‘Shore’ is on the 16 floor and the skybar ‘Horizon’ is on the 34th floor. All have unobstructed views over Pattaya bay.

Overall: This is the number one Pattaya hotel in my eyes. If you have the money then just book in here and forget the rest. Pattaya bargirls usually light up like a Christmas tree if you tell them you’re are staying at the Hilton (they’ll be picturing staying with you in 5-star luxury, with skybar, infinity pool, seafood buffet etc…).

Tip: Book direct through this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 6356 baht for a night in June 2017). Also of note this hotel gets fully booked often (even in the low season) so reserve a room as far ahead as you can to avoid any disappointment.

NB. The breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets are also very high quality at the Hilton and good value for what you get. Even if you are not staying they are worth checking if you feel like pigging out on unlimited food and drink!



Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 20.44.49_2


Also consider if your chosen hotel is fully booked:

Page 10 A 3-star, guest friendly hotel with 79 rooms. Rates start from around $52.

38 sq m spotlessly clean rooms with balconies. Free WIFI in the rooms, fitness centre and rooftop swimming pool. Located on Soi 10 just 2 minutes from the beach. A very good, clean hotel with big rooms and nice facilities. Book direct through this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 1815 baht for a room in September 2016 which represents good value)


Hard rock A 4-star, guest friendly hotel with 323 rooms. Rates start from around $72

32 sq m modern rooms decked out in a rock n’ roll theme. Free WIFI in the rooms, fitness centre overlooking the beach. Tennis/basketball courts available for use, as well as lots of water sport activities. Free guitar rentals, and the iconic ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ is onsite. Great location on Beach Road, close to Soi 7. Book direct through this agoda link for the best prices (I was quoted 2500 baht a night in September 2016)



Thank you for reading this article. I would appreciate your comments or feedback and I plan to revise and improve this list to keep it as up to date as possible.

Once again if you are considering booking a hotel anywhere in the world through or agoda then consider using the links above (at no extra cost to yourself) as it would really help the YouTube channel and the running of this website. Thanks once again.

(Prices in $ Dollars were taken 3 months in advance of staying. If you book a hotel close to the date you stay then the prices might be higher)



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