Skyfall Pattaya Revisited – gogo bar review 2016

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Skyfall Pattaya Revisited – a gogo bar review 2016



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Skyfall is a gogo bar located on Walking Street, Pattaya. This is a review of a recent visit in April, 2016.


I wrote a review of Skyfall Agogo from November 2015, and my visit didn’t go very well putting it mildly. Not one to hold a grudge, I thought I’d give them a second chance and made an unplanned revisit.


If you watch the Bangkok 112 YouTube channel (which you probably do because why else are you reading this) you would see from the recent Pattaya vlogs that the girls at the front of Skyfall make regular appearances. This is because they have arguably the sexiest and hottest ‘bait girls’ of any bar I’ve seen in Thailand! 😉


Skyfall A gogo is located just 100 metres from the start of Walking Street on the right hand side. It is unmissable as it has by far the most attractive facade of any gogo bar in Pattaya.




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On the night I went there were half a dozen of the ‘bait greeter girls’ outside but I slid in stealthily not wanting to pick one up already before ordering my drinks.

The security and service staff were all smiles and welcomed me in the bar enthusiastically. I was seated to the left side with my own table, with a couple of girls moving away for me. I ordered a beer promptly and did a full scan of the bar to check out the scene.

My first impression was good, very good. So many girls, so so many girls inside, almost too many if that is possible! Later I would find out that around 100 girls were working that night. Most of them were well above average so Skyfall is a very good gogo bar if you are into pretty girls.

I like the way Skyfall dress their dancers too, with a coloured top, tight white shorts and the sexy leg stocking thing. Thumbs up from me and I can see other bars in Pattaya are copying their style.


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My 150 baht Singha beer arrived promptly, and was ice cold and refreshing. As I looked around I noticed that the lighting had totally changed from my previous visit. I could see every girl on stage clearly and no longer were the lights dimmed for effect.

Ok, so onto the girls. Normally with the bars in Pattaya the hotter the girls the worse overall service you get, as they are usually more lazy and have everything on a plate given to them. It can better to be with an average looking girl who will go the extra mile for you than a princess who thinks she’s Gods gift. Anyway I was very drunk at this point and up for buying some lady drinks and getting more up close with these beauty queens.

I caught the eye of a nice looking passing girl and she was friendly enough and sat next to me. She was pretty, sexy and ticked all my boxes so I ordered her a 150 baht lady drink pronto.

On this night I had no intention of barfining a girl from Skyfall as I had a prior engagement that was too good to miss. But my girl was really keen and enthusiastic, had good banter and started straddling me like a trooper whilst getting a good feel of my wedding tackle. This is what I like about some gogo girls (esp. Pattaya ones), there is no need to be shy and everyone knows why the guys here enter these bars. If I sit with a girl who is shy and retiring I always make my excuses and leave early. Playful, bubbly girls are right up my street, sometimes even if they’re not the best lookers, I like that they are down to earth and not pretentious.


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My girl reliably informed me the barfine in Skyfall is a 1000 baht flat rate for the coyote dancers. There were a few model dancers dressed in black who danced topless and their drinks were 200 baht but I never enquired about the barfine for them. The mamasan made a passing visit informing me if I wanted a girl out of the bar to talk to her directly. I think the short time price would have been around 2500 baht+ and I’m not sure about the long time price.

My girl was in her early twenties, had perfectly smooth skin and a cracking smile. While we sat together she was gesturing with another taller looking girl on stage who turned out to be her best friend in the bar. The girl on stage looked at me and gave me a sultry ‘I want you’ look. The DJ called out for a dancer shift change and the sultry looking tall girl came directly over and sat right next to me planting her hand on my nether regions. I didn’t waste much time in ordering a full round of drinks for everyone and the 2 girls basically took it in turns in straddling me. I wasn’t complaining about this one bit in my drunken state, I was in hogs heaven! 😉


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I noticed the mamassan was doing the rounds prodding the dancers on stage to put more effort into dancing, this was a noticeable change from my last visit where the management were all but invisible.

The models in black lingerie went topless on stage but I couldn’t focus properly at this point. All that was going though my head was imagine what a threesome be like with these 2 stunners? I was so close to setting it up but couldn’t let my prior engagement down as it would have been more trouble than what it was worth.

So I had to make my excuses and leave. The girls were surprisingly ok with this and I left them both a 100 baht tip for their hospitality. One red note in her bra and the other in her skimpy panties, variety is always a good thing 😉

As I scanned around the bar one last time the other tables in the bar mainly had single guys on and most of them had at least one or 2 girls with them so it made for a great atmosphere all round. There were no buzz kill Western girls or large groups of pervy looking cheap charlies nursing beers in Skyfall this night.


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Eventually I made my exit, I’m probably a fool for passing up on the threesome of a lifetime but sometimes it’s better to keep life simple.




No bar is perfect, at Skyfall they still have the cheap restrooms and the music was the standard gogo techno rap on this night, but it all didn’t matter as it was full of hot girls and I left with a big smile on my face and was grinning like a cheshire cat for at least an hour afterwards.

I wasn’t once hassled for a drink unlike before, no staff came over pointing at my bill and pointing at the girl, and everything flowed naturally as it should.

So there you have it, good bars can go bad and vice versa in the blink of an eye. It was as if someone had read my previous review and rectified nearly every single major gripe I had with the bar. Amazing, and I am already looking forward to my next visit to Skyfall Agogo bar…


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Disclaimer:  This review is subjective and purely based on opinion only. This review was compiled from a visit in April 2016. Also, pretty obvious but I must state that is independent and not affiliated with any company or 3rd party connected to any bar.



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  1. sunderland stephen

    Good review again . If the owners are savey they may well have taken notice of your first review . It’s free market research . The bars are well aware that ex-pats and regular visitors keep in touch with what’s going on via the net . Have had owners asking me to post something if I thought their establishment was good . A recommendation from a respected site will do them no harm at all . As you give a fair review and don’t judge on just one visit. worth their while taking on board what you say . Trust you won’t get power mad .

  2. sunderland stephen

    Have you heard of Bernard Trink , had a column in the Bangkok post ,years ago covering the bars . Had the power of a New York Times theatre critic

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      I don’t read much about anything what happened in the past, and don’t read any Thailand related forums. I just like to live presently and do my own thing. Thanks for reading Stephen.

  3. Jesse

    Went there on my holiday everything you said was accurate but I did take them up on their threesome , time of my life I love pattaya also sky fall returning soon

  4. frankie


    nice review thanks
    by the way at what time did you go in ?
    in your opinion , what is the best timing to go ? (in order to have good choice and not too packed )
    thanks for your valuable advise

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hey Frankie, if you go early 8 or 9pm you have your pick of the girls and it will not be too packed. If you go late (midnight onwards) the there is usually a better atmosphere and the girls let their hair down more 😉 On this night I went around 11pm and there was still plenty of choice of girls. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Smiles

    Interesting, to hear your standard 1000 barfine. was chatting up 2 birds here last night, early in the evening… and they told me 1500 barfine each and 1500 each for their short time, they both wanted to come, but I wasnt into giving the bar 3k, that’s a good soapy with tips and drinks in pats

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Coyote dancers are generally better looking so they are usually more expensive for drinks / barfine / short time (sometimes coyote dancers can’t be barfined at all and are just there to tease). Thanks for your comment.

  6. Solomon

    Hi Bangkok 112,

    I would like to share a interesting incident in Skyfall go go bar. I was there last January, i was with my filipina girlfriend we to gather visited skyfall while strolling in Walking street. That was not my first time in Bangkok, so i am familiar with go go bars. There was a mamasang who was in the Mid forties i believe or late thirties., for a fun i asked her secretly if i can bar fine you, She got so carried away she gave me at least 5 drinks (shots which they were supplying with the girls there) from her side. It was nearing closing time. She told me without doubt she is not coming and Me too i would have never taken her since i have my girl friend. She came and sit with us after they stopped. I got really drunk because these 5-6 shots was over and above my normal capacity which i had already.

  7. Glenn Arthur

    Great review and I’m glad you gave it a second look. Sometimes it’s good to see if you were there on an off night like your previous visit. Present moment awareness I like your philisophy on life. I enjoy your you tube site as well.

  8. SFfarang

    Ha ha ha… I commented on your Nov 2015 review that anything can happen on any night in these places and MR&D requires more than one visit. Good job going back. There is justice in the world.

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