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Soi Nana (in the afternoon)


Soi Nana, photo walk in the afternoon…


A lower Sukhumvit Photo Walk – Bangkok, 01/Oct/2015


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Hemmingway’s Restaurant and bar viewed from BTS Asok. This old house was originally built more than 90 years ago in the early 1920’s using very rare golden teak. The Siamese Ambassador to Laos in the 1930s, the son of King Rama VIII’s Royal Guardian, later owned the house. It has since been home to several foreign ambassadors to Siam (Thailand’s prior name) including the French ambassador in the 1940s, who reportedly had stables on the premises. The sad truth now is that it looks really out of place and rumours are that it will soon be torn down.



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Soi 7, the Thai Visa bar has now been redeveloped and rebranded as the New Wave bar. The mototaxi guys are relaxing before rush hour hits later on.


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Soi Nana mid afternoon. The sun is now just moving out of reach of the front of some bars. Punters can take prime people watching spots now at the front.


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I grab a frosty Singha at the front of the Big Dogs bar. It was a bit too early for the Nana Hotel freelancers to come out, but there are still many interesting sights around.


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Some Hillary bar staff grab their regular Thai street food as the bars are still relatively quiet.


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In the background you can notice that the Golden Beer Bar has now sold it’s last beers and is closed. The railings are shut to customers, however a few former staff members are inside sharing a bottle of cheap Thai whiskey.


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The sun still shines bright on the facade of many of the bars. The skinny guy with his back to the camera in the orange shirt has been successfully begging from bar customers here for years, he has a big tumour on one side of his face.


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From the Big Dogs bar you can see the K & S bar, and also Hillary 4 in the background.


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The Big Dogs happy hour finishes later at 8pm. The staff are friendly enough but there are no customers biting for the lady drink staff. I pay my bill and leave.


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I head away from Soi Nana to run some errands, but spot this motorbike taxi who just missed the lights and must now wait for a gap in the traffic (or maybe a green light?).


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Later, I return at around 7pm. The Golden Beer Bar now looks eerily empty in wait for the impending destruction.


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A punter at the Big Dogs bar strains to watch another guy negotiating with a freelancer near the ‘out’ sign of the Nana Hotel car park.


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This photo is one of the reasons I will be doing more photo walks; mainly to improve my photography. The photo is very poor with many things wrong with it. If you look closely you can see a guy in a hat entering the Lucky Luke’s Tiki Bar with a front bag carrying a massive backpack. The Lucky Luke’s Tiki bar has many more lady drink girls now, some are quite young and attractive.


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Nearly time for me to shoot off. I take one last look around Soi Nana before leaving.



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The happy hours have nearly finished. It’s still the low low season in the rainy season. A big downpour threatens as gusts of wind blow through the bars. I’m off, before I get stuck as I have no umbrella or waterproof coat.


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Good value massages are still offered around lower Sukhumvit. If you grab an oil massage at this one with the right girl, ‘relief’ will be offered for the bargin price of 500 baht.


Thank you for viewing I intend to improve my photography and these photo walks are motivation to keep me snapping away. For more info view the ‘Bangkok 112’ Youtube channel for many videos about nightlife in Thailand.

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  1. Don Schein


    Talking about your you Tube

    Your movies are good because you can see the end products while shooting ( only exception when you’re a little drunk the camera is wimbling a bit…)

    I will be in Bangkok as each year on Feb 14 2016 . I will be in Nana Hotel (how couldn’t I?…)

    If you’re around Ill be happy to buy you a beer or so and listing to your braveries story.

    Don Schein,

    Chicago Illinois

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  2. Petter

    Hallo, BK122,

    Thankyou for sharing about Town of Thailand’s experience. Maybe I’ll visit to Bangkok coming April. If possible I want to visit to soapy massage in Bangkok. Do you any advice to me, where is it? how can I fine? how much so on?

    pls can you give your e-mail address I try to send message but that is doesn’t work. pls send me new e-post


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  3. Steven

    Hello Bangkok112

    I’ve been watching your videos for a good while now and have taken your advice on a few occasions, not least to stay in or near Soi 11 in BKK. Sound advice. Unfortunately I didn’t do the same in Pattaya and ended up at the top of Pratunmak Hill, a good bit from anywhere so that was something of a pain.

    I have a wife back in Farang Land who doesn’t mind me heading to Land of Smiles everyone now and again so that works quite well. No guilt and no lies! She appreciates that if I didn’t have her I’d be living in Thailand!

    I was there in September / October 2017 and will be back next June. I’d be happy to buy you a beer but that’s the sort of offer you get all the time and you won’t want people cramping your style so maybe not! I’m hoping to head into Isaan for a few days but have no idea where to go and as I’m only there for 10-12 days I need to make it count.

    Keep up the good work! Your my favourite vlogger by quite a margin!

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