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The Iron Club is regarded as a high end gogo bar on Walking Street, Pattaya. I went on 30th October 2015 (after midnight) for a draught beer and a perv. It is located opposite Soi 15 midway up Walking Street.



Pic taken mid October 2015.


Upon entering the bar it was good to see that every dancing girl was topless. There were 2 dancing stages separated by a jacuzzi in the middle. Naturally I sat at the jacuzzi because there were 3 fully naked girls soaping down each other. A good start 😉

Of the 2 dancing stages, the front one is standard with 5 poles on and the back one has a raised part for the showgirls to do some gymnastic type sexy action on.

The bar has single tier table seating all around and mirrored walls (very standard). The aircon was amazing with no second hand smoke lingering around, they do have a smoking area at the front outside so I’m not sure if smoking is completely banned inside.

The Bar was on the right upon entering and the DJ booth at the rear. The music was nice modern gogo music, but was a touch too loud on this night but nothing to really complain about.

I ordered a draught Heineken costing 85 baht and it was absolutely perfect. Chilled, crisp, and refreshing; the breweries in Holland would have been proud!

I decided to change seats when the jacuzzi girls finished and was recommended to sit by a side table by the service staff. It was good fortune that I moved, because a semi naked girl started swinging all around right where I was from 4 rings connected to iron chains. I would have probably spilt my beer everywhere in excitement if I’d been directly underneath her!


IMG_8208 copy

Pic taken 30 October 2015. This was the night of the review, one day before Halloween, I only went in because I had some friendly banter with the Nun girls 🙂



There seemed to be a buzz in the air on this night inside. Some girls were getting naked on stage and having a kind of dirty dance off, I think they must have been ex employees (or girls from a sister bar) by all the screaming and shouting going on. I wasn’t complaining as it was a joy to watch 🙂

A girl caught my eye on a side table and I motioned her to come over. She was 25 years old, very pretty, petite, with a massive butterfly tattoo all over her back. I ordered her a drink along with another fine Heineken beer for yours truly.

She was very personable and was warm and friendly. She was a bit hands on and wasn’t shy (which is a good thing), I think her plan was to seal the deal with me but I wasn’t biting on this night because I had a prior engagement to get to later on.

She told me that the barfine was 1500, and short time would be 2000 baht. I didn’t ask her about the longtime price. This barfine is pretty expensive compared to some other bars, but from what I saw the bar was really good and the girls were not only good looking, but friendly too.

An interesting thing is the Iron Club girls wear no visible numbers for the customers, so it could be hard to track a girl if you lose sight of her.

When I went to the toilets I counted roughly around 50 more girls in the back as I wandered through, so they have plenty of choice of girl which is what you want.


IMG_8692 copy

Halloween night 2015, taken the night after the review visit. The greeter girls were still friendly and on form 🙂



The Iron Club is a great bar to visit. Cheap draught beer is great in a high end gogo, and if you go at the right time the shows and all the jacuzzi action are memorable.

I didn’t find the girls too pushy on this night and was able to sit back, relax and choose my victim girl. If you do find yourself with pushy girls around looking for drinks, just give a firm, but friendly no so you can take your pick after seeing what is on offer.

The barfine price is a bit high at the Iron Club but I suppose it is the premium you pay for really good looking girls on Walking Street. Overall I highly recommended this bar and can see myself going back time after time.


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Disclaimer:  This review is subjective and purely based on opinion only. This review was compiled from a visit in October 2015. Also, pretty obvious but I must state that is not affiliated with any company or 3rd party connected to any bar.

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  1. Johan Svensson

    This used to be one of my favorite bars for many years. However, this year I went there two times in december.
    Both times I was told that they don’t have draught beer anymore. The first time I left, the second time I ordered a Chang beer (bottle) which was a bit expensive at 175 bath. No girl who performed any air acrobatics while I sat there with my beer, otherwise a trademark of this place.

  2. Joe Lee

    You would be crazy to pay 1500 bar fine and 2000 short time. there are thousands of bars in pattaya where the bar fine is 300 or 400 and 1000 baht for the lady. The Go Go Bars are great for a couple of drinks but i would not pay that price, ps keep an eye on your bin.

  3. Jas H

    Racist thugs. I am an Australian with south asian herritage. There was a guy at the front who asked me where I am from ? I asked back what has that got do with my entering the bar ?
    He said I have to become a member to enter the bar ! I got really pissed off. There was a manager kind of guy seating in a desk , I showed him my Aus cards andI asked him if they are racist thugs or what, how can this be legal ? He said but you look like you are from such and such country. I asked him if his shitty bar was for sale cause I have enough money in my cards to buy it . When I called him a freaking disgusting animal, they started to push me. I went to the cops and asked them how can this be allowed. So they say there is no law against racism in Thailand and so they can’t do anything to people like this, although they don’t support this kind of behavior. If you have a clear conscience, don’t feed these thugs.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      This is standard in Thailand. Thai men are usually not allowed in the gogo bars so SEA looking guys have to be ID’d on entry. I’ve seen Phillipino guys let in to Pattaya gogo bars no problem, but only after they produced their passports. It’s not a racist thing, just common bar policy. Thai people normally do not show strong emotions in public (it’s called losing face) and you’re response to the bar security’s normal request obviously didn’t help.

    2. Regina

      I’m assuming they had unprotected sex from this passage from the open letter:What example do you think you are setting for your son? He’s of an age where he’s looking to you to learn to be a man. Is this the man you will raise him to be? If he has unprotected sex and gets a girl pregnant will you suport him in fleeing from his reisnosibplity?

    3. http://www./

      Uno de mis sueños es ver un partido de basket y oir esa música de órgano jejejejY de los doger lo único que conozco es ese Valenzuela de años atrás.¿Los tamales chinos son piratería o ya eran parte de su tradición?Sigan disfrutanto de paseitos.

  4. Skyhigh

    Went there last night and there were almost no customers. Could have been the time as I visited quite early.
    Most girls did the standard walking on stage thing and I thought I’d leave after one beer.
    However, then a really tall girl with a large dragon on her back actually did start to really pole dance with together with a friend. Sure it wasn’t as grand as what you get to see in Europe but they really did get to the top of the pole and circled down with some fancy moves.
    Ultimately they started to play rock paper scissors with the winner slapping the looser really hard.
    Anyways barfine was 1500 and long term was 5k which one had to pay at the club. Some might say overpriced but then again these girls have to make a living as well.
    Turns out she is paying for her education that way.
    Not the best sex I ever had but still well worth it, especially since she called in sick at work the next morning and stayed at the hotel until afternoon.

    Summary: just because the club is empty doesn’t mean the girls are not worth it – Iron really has some jewels!

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      A barfine is money paid to the bar to compensate for taking out a lady, usually for sex. You have to pay barfines in beer bars and gogo bars, the price varies widely from around 300 baht to 3000+ baht depending on the place.

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