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So I went for a ‘regular’ night out recently, here is a set of snaps from Bangkok after midnight. I started at Soi Cowboy, then went on to Nana Plaza, before finally ending the night on Soi 11 in the Climax nightclub.




Coyote girls wait outside the Rio bar.



The lighthouse and Cowboy 2 bars face each other, as do the dancers who have to wait outside when they are not on stage. If you are well dressed for your night out the girls will playfully grab you trying to coax you inside. It can be a bit like running the gauntlet sometimes getting through here.



The Spice Girls bar is having a good night as all the girls are inside with customers. This bar has arguably the best line up in Soi Cowboy. The girls also change their outfits daily; one night they can be in skimpy bikinis, and another they could be dressed like sexy nurses. Nice 🙂 Drink prices here are above average and due to the girls all being ‘coyotes’ they also have astronomical barfine prices.




The Moonshine bar and Jungle Jim’s are nearly full at the front. These bars cater to older westerners, rather than younger or Asian customers. Drinks are also cheaper at around 110 baht for a bottle of beer.




Outside Baccara gogo it is usual to see big groups of people like above near the front. Baccara is still Soi Cowboy’s most popular bar and it is frequented by predominantly Japanese customers.




Back over on Soi Nana the former Golden Beer Bar has been stripped, but construction work has not yet started on the new establishment.




Nana Plaza. Here you can see the Balcony bar (top left), where drinks are still available for 69 baht. Below this is the Lucky Luke’s Tiki bar. To the right is Straps bar; a post-op ladyboy bar where the dancers tend to be younger and more attractive than average.




The front of Bangkok Bunnies, a relatively new bar located on the ground floor.



On the first level the Rainbow 4 bar is probably the most popular bar in Nana Plaza. If you walk by here late on there are boxes upon boxes of empty beer bottles outside, a sure sign that the bar is doing a healthy trade.




On the top floor the JailbirdZ bar is currently hiring new staff.




Straps is a ladyboy bar, but I’ve seen the odd girl or 2 mixed in just to confuse matters more 🙂



A fortune teller on Soi Nana gives a reading to a nice looking girl. Thai people are generally very superstitious (sometimes overly so), believing strongly in destiny and good luck. I wonder what she is hoping for?



The bars that line the street from Soi 3 to Soi 11 can be dark, and filled with dodgy characters. One interesting fact is they normally have a Mamasan who controls half a dozen street bars or so, and barfines have to be paid for taking girls out of here too!



A guy converses with the massage girls on Soi 11, maybe they are swapping numbers or maybe he is negotiating for additional services?




The taxis block virtually the entire length of Soi 11 due to the many nightclubs on the street. A red light indicates that the taxi is available for customers.




I wonder what these 2 are talking about?




Wax Sugar Club is popular with the younger generation and plays Hip Hop music.



Climax Nightclub has a few promotions to try to get customers in early, but in reality it’s dead before midnight.



Inside, I’m surprised to see there are a few fresh faced younger looking guys around, amid the masses of freelancers.




Carlsberg is on promotion for 150 baht a bottle, not bad. One thing I particularly dislike about Climax Nightclub is all the smoking inside. It stinks, and my shirt is still honking the next day. Climax is a basement nightclub with only one tight entry and exit, God forbid if a fire ever did break out.



The live music is going down a treat with the punters. This band played a mixture of pop / hip hop.




It’s late, about 5am. The security staff tried to wake the guy above but to no avail. They laugh and joke about it, then leave him be.


I did have a lot more photos from this day but accidentally deleted every photo before midnight (there were some good ones too!). Luckily I didn’t delete any video so expect some more footage on the bangkok 112 Youtube Channel coming soon.

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    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      I think because they are post-op (no dick) they probably consider themselves girls. It’s pretty much Japanese and Korean customers only that go there so no big deal 🙂

    2. Marc

      WARNING: STRAPS IS THE WORST BAR AT NANA PLAZA!!!. The ladyboys are very agressive and rude. I noticed how a ladyboy was trying to steal my mobilephone. the mamasan did not care at all.
      If you drink your beer too slow, they will push you to leave the bar. They only want customers who immediatly pay a barfine….SO AVOID THIS PLACE IF YOU WANT A PEACEFULL EVENING!!!

  1. tyler

    Could you tell me, what time NANA and Soi cowboys close the sunday night? if i get there after 1 am on sunday night (technically Monday morning), there is still some action? (i will land in BKK sunday at midnight and i wish to enjoy my first night aswell. Any advices?

    Thank You


    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      A lot of Nana Plaza bars close at 3am now. Soi Cowboy bars close around 2am mostly. There are live music bars (Hillary 2 on soi Nana, and Country Road on Soi Cowboy) that are open until around 4am and nightclubs after that are open later so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding somewhere open and busy. Have a good one Tyler.

  2. vinzard

    Yes the (Thai people) they believe in fortune teller and want to know about their luck so that’s why u can find many fortune teller in great sukhumvit area… (mostly soi 4, soi 7 & soi 11) as far as I have seen.. very nice superb photograph.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hi George. Go to a bar, find a girl you like, then buy her a drink and then barfine her (normally 500baht+ depending on the bar). Sex is not included in the price. Have a good trip man.

  3. KakashiHatage123

    I am looking to go to bangkok in the summer for a 2 week vacation. i am young and want to party in thailand but i am fearful on ladyboys, is there any specific places where i can avoid them and find REAL women?

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      I wouldn’t worry about the ladyboys too much, they are not everywhere. REAL Thai women are around everywhere (and available), so just do a bit of research about bars and places that you might like before you go and you’ll be fine. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Jay Dawg

    Ladyboys will tell you they are Ladyboys. They don’t want to get some crazy ass that didn’t expect to find a tree trunk in his girls panties. Plus many of them can’t hide their dude voice. If you think there is a chance about the girl you are talking to, just walk away.

  5. Benyamin

    Dude awesome YouTube channel !

    I wanted to ask you if it’s a good idea to book a VIP Club experience that i found online ?

    They said to consume 15.000 Baht minimum on alcohol to have a table at whatever club i want , they suggested ” Level’s Club”

    Is this legit ? Or can i have the same table for less , if i take it on the spot ?

    (They didn’t ask me pre-payment)

    Thank You & keep the videos coming !



    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Yes, you would be able to get the same table at ‘Levels’ for less if you take it on the spot (don’t forget your passport when you go). If you pay online they will be taking a cut. Thanks for your comment and thanks to watch the YouTube channel.

  6. Benyamin

    Thanks for your quick response !

    Do you know what is included in the 15.000 Baht Except the VIP table ?

    And do the have like 3 Liter ,6 Liter Vodka bottles like we have in Europe ? If so , how much do these bottles cost ? Or vodka bottles in general.

    Thanks mate !

  7. Shen

    Hi SiteOwner,

    Do you can help me?
    – I try to find a house near the bars ( 1-5 km) >>for rent<<. not too far from the bars and not too expensive.
    i think u can help me and give me some usefull informations. Because u're living in thailand or ?
    i want stay few months.

    when u like, u can send me a message to my e-mail . we****@h*

  8. Rohit Tharwani

    Hey man,

    I really like your YouTube channel. Very well explained, captioned and immaculate. Keep it up!! This is an excellent resource.

    Have a quick question for you – would most AirBNB rentals in BKK and Pattaya work if one wanted to get a girl back? Aware that having the full apartment should work fine but just thinking out aloud whether it would be accepted by landlords in general. Hope this is not too silly a question!

    Thanks in advance. Would love to meet up once I get there!


    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hi Rohit,

      AirBNBs are fine for taking girls back, the landlord would probably never even know. But as there is no reception to do an ID check it is more risky as you are 100% responsible for your guest.

      Thanks for watching.

    2. arvind

      There are “guest friendly” hotels enquire at the hotel if they are guest friendly ? most are they are a better deal than airbnb as it is hard for a landlord to acknowledge your demand.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Every customer must order a drink at any Thai bar you go to. You don’t have to order alcohol; there are soft drinks, water, juice and so on that you can order.

    1. Post
  9. Thomas Mathew

    Hi Dear,

    I have visited more than 4 times in Pattaya and Nanaplaza.
    Most of the time Iam trying to get the entry in Baccara and Crazy house.
    But unfortunately the didn’t allow me because I have no membership and the second thing is my nationality(INDIAN)
    So Iam very much interested to take the membership on those Bars. Can you help me, How to get the membership?
    NB: I cannot change my nationality to get entry like a stupid thing…..right?

    Thanking you

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Dress as smart as you can, and definitely don’t visit there in a big group. Unfortunately, the past bad behaviour from your fellow countrymen has made most Indian guys not welcome at Baccara and Crazy House. The members only line is just a way to refuse entry. Visit when it’s quiet (Crazy House opens at 8pm and Baccara similar) and dress as clean and smart as you can and you might get in. Don’t take it personally if you can’t enter, Indian guys are welcome at other Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza bars such as Suzi Wong and Spanky’s. Hope this helps!

  10. Paul

    Hi Bangkok112
    Loved your website and videos i will keep watching all of them, very clear straight to the point and helpfull for first time visitors like me, i liked the videos because the angle and how you shoot bringing the subject to our attention also video is steady, good job on your work and effort, my question is what kind of camera you are using? And what is best month to visit Bangkok? Thank you

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