Hanging out on Soi 6, Pattaya



I love hanging out on Soi 6, Pattaya. When it’s busy there is never a dull moment. I generally find the girls to be down-to-earth, and pleasant. If I’m just having a few beers, a polite but firm rebuke from their offer of services usually works fine.

Sometimes walking down the street it can be a bit full-on, even for long term expats. I’ve had my crotch groped many a time, and the calls to get you in the bar are often memorable. The way girls shout ‘Hellooooooo’ is very distinctive here, as often they have to stand out from the crowd to get attention. There are estimates there may be around 600 girls working here at any one time, so you have a lot of choice if you are up for it!

I’ve only had one bad experience on Soi 6 in the last couple of years. A rogue ladyboy grabbed me outside a bar and wouldn’t release me for about 5 minutes, fully knowing I had no intention of going in her bar. It was like some sort of sick, perverse game where I think (s)he wanted to piss me off into doing something rash. I kept my cool at first and then even my harsh Thai curse words weren’t working. I must have called her ‘buffalo’ about 20 times (a big putdown in Thailand), and I eventually jerked free without major incident. You do have to keep you wits about you on this street.

Over the last couple of years some of the bars have had major investment, and it shows. It’s not as seedy and dirty as it used to be. The bars generally now have open fronts, and face each other so you can see almost everything going on. There are also a few really nice looking girls around now, as the older girls are moved on.



IMG_0315The view from Beach Road.



IMG_0319My strategy normally is to do a full walk up and down the street to get a feel for what’s going on. Then I plonk myself down anywhere that looks good.


IMG_0320This bar is one of my usual places to drink, but on this night it was a bit too busy for me to sit on the front.


IMG_0322A Chinese tour group passes by. You can always spot them a mile off because the main tour guide carries a flag for the gawking tourists to follow. They always spend zero baht on this street, and like to stare at people often shaking their heads in disgust.



IMG_0366This bar had a closed front, and wasn’t very busy inside on this night. Note the sticker placed over the face of the 3rd girl, does that mean she is inside working?



IMG_0343The Ruby Club is usually a popular place.



IMG_0327The view from Pattaya Second Road.



IMG_0329This Pub looks a bit out of place, like it’s been plucked straight out of London!


IMG_0330Some of the bars are busy with customers, others are completely dead.



IMG_0335The streetfood vendors seem to move around every 5 minutes or so. If you stay in one bar long enough then they’ll come all the way back round.



IMG_0333This girl in the blue really caught my eye as she walked past to order some food. So much so I stood up to try to see which bar she returned to. Occasionally a real head turner like this one goes past, I might return for a closer inspection next time.



IMG_0338I was surprised to see there were quite a few customers around for mid October.



IMG_0340The well known Roxy club was noisy and busy on this night.



IMG_0346I get a good seat at the SoLo Club. Unfortunately, a ladyboy has latched onto me and talks to me the whole time I’m there. This causes me to miss filming a drunk British guy from the Lisa bar fall off the back of a motorbike taxi! You see, this is why I love Soi 6; you just don’t see this sort of thing in Bangkok often. He landed flat on his back, stumbled around back into the Lisa bar, then left sheepishly holding his lower back, hope he was OK!!!


IMG_0353The bar names don’t leave much to the imagination, with names like The Pussy Club, Horny Bar and So What! Bar.



IMG_0321What bar to go to next? Decisions decisions…..



IMG_0360I decide to try the Pook bar. It has comfy seats on the front, and some poles around to look at the eye candy dancing.



IMG_0357The view from the Pook Bar.


IMG_0363Okay, the Pook bar is a ladyboy bar. But what prompted me to enter were the couple of young looking stunners inside. The one with glasses was called June, and the one in the above pic I forgot the name of, as I was mesmerised by how ladylike she was (if you see her in the flesh you’ll know what I mean).

I’ve seen hundreds of ladyboys in my time in Thailand, and the Pook bar had some of the best around. They do like to be referred to as girls, and were not pushy and very pleasant to be around on this night. Now I need a cold shower after looking at those photos again!

If you watch my Youtube channel you’ll see that I have pretty much stopped making ladyboy videos. I never really go to ladyboy bars. I’m into girls not guys. I’m a straight shooter, and definitely not a ladyboy lover. Thailand is Thailand, and whenever I see a really hot one I always repeat in my head ‘it’s a bloke, it’s a bloke, it’s a bloke!’ So I haven’t (and have no intention of) ever tasted the forbidden fruit 🙂


My number one recommendation for a guest friendly hotel near Soi 6 is Pattaya Blue Sky (The walk in rate as of August 2016 was 1500 baht, agoda is usually cheaper booking direct through this agoda link).

For more Pattaya hotel recommendations see:

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I didn’t edit the photos all that much for this set. It is pretty time consuming with getting videos edited too, as well as maintaining the new website. Thank you all for viewing, and I hope this website can improve with time and compliment the Youtube videos.

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  1. Johno

    As a lifelong amateur camera and darkroom buff, I am in heaven when I shoot in Thailand. I’ve never been in a more photogenic country in my life. I actually pretended to shoot people who asked me to do so… (full cards…). Thank you again to take all the effort, time and dedication to a fantastic site and all of your YouTube postings. Carry on!

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Thanks for your kind words Johno. I’ll carry on as long as it stays fun for me. I agree that Thailand is the most photogenic country ever, sometimes it seems impossible not to get good/interesting photos if you know what I mean 🙂

  2. Davey

    Hi Great Website I have found soi 6 is a good afternoon hangout maybe 3pm onwards also Saigon Girl is worth a mention cheap drinks and girls were awesome there

  3. Pratt

    Please help me I am planning to travel to pattaya in July please let me know if rainy season will spoil my trip, also it is sex trip so will I get enough bar girls option or there wouldn’t be much.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Hey man, the rainy season isn’t normally all that bad. It might rain 2 or 3 times a day for an hour or 2 but it normally clears up quickly after. There will be loads of girls still around and you will have more to choose from then in the high season! Thanks for your comment and enjoy your holiday!

  4. Al

    I’ve heard that soi 6, 7 and 8 are mainly full of ladyboy bars. Is this true?? I’m not into that and I don’t want too many surprises lol

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Not true, they are mainly lady bars. Maybe around 10% have ladyboys in but it’s very obvious as long as you are not too drunk. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      They were consistently the most popular and well run bars. The ladies they had were among the hottest on the street and no hassle inside with Western management. Now in early 2017 it appears things are changing.

  5. Paul


    Seems like must drink to hang out near the bars.
    I am almost a teetotaller (wink .. haha) .. is there any other options than to drink alochol? I want to be sober to enjoy the girls 🙂

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      Of course, you don’t have to drink alcohol. The girls don’t care as long as you have money. Enjoy 🙂

      1. Paul


        Thank you for the advise.
        One more thing please .. any advise on Nuru massage in Pattaya or Bangkok .. never tried ..really anxious to try.

        1. Niko

          It’s totally okay to not drink and still able to hang out and enjoy the fine ladies. I only ordered soda (club soda) while there (a week ago) and it was cool. Only on one occasion a bangkok bunny I took out wanted to drink beer and listen to some music b4 we get busy, she was cool so i busted out a chang for a small sip just to get her in the mood. 😉

          Love your work man. I really enjoy your voyeur shooting style, minimal narrative and just let camera tells it all.

  6. Pplover

    Wow that ladyboy is an absolute stunner. In fact you are right – they are both lovely. Missing Thailand!

  7. Ekoostik

    First off… Thank you! Love your videos!
    Coming for my first trip in August. Bangkok112, you mention in the reply above that things are changing in Pattaya in 2017. I’ve seen others say the same. 10 days in Thailand… How many would you spend in Pattaya and how many in Bangkok? Trying to plan my trip. Also read you are a smoker. Favorite smoke-friendly hotel in Bangkok? Appreciate any help ole wise one!

    1. Post
      Bangkok 112

      It depends on you, are you a city or a beach resort person? Are you into bars and girls only or like city skybars. So many variables. I would have a couple of days in Bangkok, then a week in Pattaya, then one last night in Bangkok before leaving if I had 10 days to visit. Not sure about smoker friendly Bkk hotels, they seem to be few and far between these days.

  8. Domas

    Hi, love your site! I have enjoyed visits to soi 6 in the past and am planning a pattaya visit on january 2018. I heard there has been a crackdown by police in soi 6 and bars are no longer open in the afternoons, is that correct?

  9. Shaun

    The Soi 6 bars are open from about 4.45 pm now, that’s closer to the Beach Rd end. I was last there on August 7. However I know it was the same in September. Nearly all are open by 5.15 pm. I am a regular visitor to Pattaya ( every 8 to 10 weeks ) and I will be back in Soi 6 next week. There has been a crackdown of Soi 6 and the place is dead if you go there before about 4.30 pm. Technically the bars are not allowed to serve alcohol till 6 but beer was being served at 5 pm when I was there. I will check on the situation next week.

  10. CarmeloSmall

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